Brendan Twardy

BDM110 Concept Development

Project 2- Contemporary Mythology Research

“The Taming of the Shrew v.s. 10 Things I hate about You”

The First Act in both stories is somewhat different but both give an introduction to characters of the Story. Within “Taming of the Shrew” the first act of the actual story follows a brief introduction story that does not quite deal with the actual main story itself. This introductory story does not appear in the modern telling of the story in “10 Things I hate about you.” So In Act One of TTOTS (The Taming of the Shrew) you are introduced to the main characters of the story and you find out that a man who has two daughters is against the youngest of the two daughters being courted by any men until the oldest of the daughters is married. The Problem is however that the oldest of the two daughters is a shrew and no man is willing to handle the task of courting her. The same is basically true for act one of 10 things, however it is set in a high school setting and there is no marriage involved just dating.  

Act two comprises of the plot for the suitors to find someone who will court the eldest of the two daughters. In 10 things a jock pays a outcast to ask out and date the eldest daughter named Katherine so he can date the younger sister Bianca. However, the jock is merely being used for the purpose of paying off the outcast. The real person who is after Bianca helps to set the jock up to think he is going to win Bianca which is not truthful. The First Culmination takes place in 10 Things is just finally when the outcast finally fights through the initial resistance that Katherine puts forth, everything goes down hill and she becomes angry at him when he resists a kiss from her while she is drunk. 

The third act starts to build back up the story when the outcast embarrasses himself to show Katherine that he truly does care. During this time Katherine and the outcast start to fall in love. Also during this time Bianca starts to fall in love with Cameron after learning that the jock is only after her for one thing. Meanwhile the Jock is still pursuing Bianca and continues to pay the outcast off to date Katherine. The Climax is reached at the Prom scene when the Jock realizes that he is not getting Bianca he reveals to Katherine that he has been paying the outcast to date her. Katherine leaves in disgust and is furious at the outcast because she had really fallen in love with him. At this time you realize that the outcast has fallen in love with Katherine himself and is hurt by the truth being revealed. The denouement of the film takes place while in classroom Katherine reads a poem and reveals that she is indeed in love with the outcast and no matter what he did she cant help but still love him. He wins her heart back by using the money he was given to buy her a guitar. 

The characteristics that are shared are some of the character names are the same or have a connection to the character counterpart in the original story. While the story is not a exact remaking of the original story and is a re-interpretation the only other characteristic that is the same is the premise which is the youngest daughter cannot be with or date a man until the older daughter does. which is the same conflict that the characters face in both versions of the story.

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