Hey, This Isn't Your Father's 3-D!
Why 3-D movies are making a comeback and how they will affect the world of animation as we know it.

Throughout reading this article that  Chris Grove wrote it has stated that there have been key breakthroughs that have allowed for the so called comeback of stereoscopy which never got past is experiemental stage in the 1950's such as new tools that have rendered image problems. Before that image quality could be shot very easily due to there being two separate sets of film being projected at once and the possibility of one set of film breaking , leaving the stereo effect out of sync. Where as now with theses new tools it gives the possibility of eprfect illumination and perfect alignment, so being out of sync is no longer a possiblilty or problem. Also with the use of motion control rigs there is no need for the use of steroescopic cameras. Which means that one can use the same camera for both left and right images by moving the camera from left to right even just a millimeter. A term called interocualr distance is the distance between the eye that allows the human brain to percieve the world as three dimensional. Having these cameras gives  the exactness that was never possible before. With these new tools and creative minds and posssibilty the major studies plan to release three steroscopic films this year, and in 2009 they will release 10 and moving forward Dreamworks intends or producing ALL their films in steroeoscopic form. Along with many other upcoming films from various sources these advances in animation are sure to pave the way and keep it around for years to come.

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