Nagi's Praise
Though the morning mist he walked, footsteps soft like falling cherry blossom petals. This was a weakened land, plagued by parasites in the soil and in the air. A white robe adorned his body, made of the finest of Asian silks. Many kanji were embroidered into the fabric, upon his back, the largest of them all was a symbol of praise for the Sun Goddess. As bare feet stepped across the broken, diseased soil, the mist seemed to move around him as if a living thing, or simply drawn by the power that lay controlled beneath the sinewy muscles and velveteen white fur.

Fingers that appeared as though they'd never seen a hardship in their immortal lives held a flute delicately to an ivory muzzle, black crescents streaking outwards from his ebony nose and down to his onyx lined lips. A song that had been played before to ward off restless spirits and heal the land began to play, high-pitched and slow, the music began to fill the dying trees with rest and contentment. This land had suffered greatly, and it was his eternal duty to care for it until eternity came to an end. This land of Nippon, these plains and rolling hills, these forests and lakes, this land of beauty and majesty, it was his to love and adore as she had once done so herself. In her footsteps he walked, playing his song, weaving through this forest of decay and demise and despair as a silver needle weaves through gray thread.

Thirteen tails trailed behind him as silkily as the misty air flowed in his wake. In the distance, a harp began to play several beautiful, long, and lonesome threads, a drum would sound and the music conjoined. Cymbals and chimes would ring as the song progressed, and the forestry seemed to surge at each soft, leading crescendo. This man of more noble a blood than was possessed by any mortal family in the world, threaded his gifted power through the soil, turning black and broken dirt into softness, prepared for life.

Around this desolate place he traveled, from corner to corner, until finally stopping in the center and throwing his flute into the air, only to have it float and the wind play his song for him. A dance began as drums and cymbals joined in unison, flutes and woodwinds, strings and all manner of harps joined in this symphony as the ancient male took his place and began a sacred and endless duty, one that he had accepted gratefully and eagerly.

The robe was removed and laid upon the ground gently, leaving his well-toned and beautiful body to bask in the very early hours of the morning. No sunlight had struck this place just yet, and as the music continued, so did his dance, thirteen tails spinning and swaying in tune to an orchestra that bubbled forth from the land itself. She sang with him, he knew she did, in his mind, she danced at his side, matching him step for step.

As time passed, the music began to lead into a rise in energy, and the kitsune's feet left the ground slowly, his body turning in circles and rings of white life began to draw inwards towards the center of his body. Like halos of silver and ivory they spun and circled, condensing at the core of his being into a burning ball of pure white majesty. At the peak of the energetic rise, he threw his head back, the bands and ties holding it erupting and flying away, to spill forth a wave of beautiful white hair, and both eyes opened to expose the pupils of endless void and deepened hate and sorrow.

The white life exploded around him, blowing rings and halos through the dying forest and causing the decaying trees to erupt into a flurry of blossoms of pink petals. The entire area was engulfed in sunlight and the once dead-ground burst into life, spitting up flowers and emerald blades of grass in gushes and waves, spreading outwards from the thirteen tail's centralized area. Beneath him, that which once was dead sprung to life as his power spilled outwards into the trees and the plants and the air itself. The mist and darkness was pushed back like a tidal wave and slowly his feet came back down to the ground and his eyes closed once more.

The music was soft now, but strong, and held great meaning. Around him he splayed out all of his tails, and into the ground he drew with his index claw, the symbol of his love. The symbol of his matron, his wife, his soul. Into the replenished earth he drew her name. Okami Amaterasu. Nagi laid his body out in a deep bow, feeling the sun's warmth bless him with comfort and sanctuary. Her kiss laid bare upon his ears, upon his back, his tails, his face. This warmth lifted him up and the immortal one bared his chest and arms open wide for her love, tears streaking down his face as he could not bear the loneliness without her.

The Sun Goddess's embrace was warm, and filled with love, filled with gratitude for his endless devotion and praise and faith. From this new earth poured forth the praise of the land itself, and the people who lived nearby would thank the rising sun for its miracle and celebrate her. Celebrate Okami Amaterasu and her love for them. Through his workings, she remained strong and burned bright, shining her light across this land to banish the shadows and scorn the wicked. Through his workings, she gave him peace and love, embraced his ancient form with sunlight and caressed his tear-soaked face with hands that mortals could not see. "For you Okami Amaterasu, I will walk forever alone if you but promise me to kiss my body each morning with your light and your love."

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Short Story
writing Azure_Irises
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This is just a little short story I wrote while listening to a song off the Okami soundtrack. ( I love this song to death, and it inspired me to use my character Nagi, the only 13 tailed kitsune in the world, to give the Sun Goddess some praise as well as a bit of character development at the same time.