What a great School

Day 1

Campion School

I woke up at about seven, and got ready for school

How will I cope there being just over five foot tall?

And so I went to Sam's just across the road

Who was also addressing the school's dress code

They called it an induction day, for us to meet our peeps

To be honest with you I would rather be asleep

There's no going back. Now I'm in big school,

And if I cried id just look like a fool

But I'm not like that no Sir not me

This is such a big leap from St. Margaret's C of E

But it doesn't matter I've got friends to help me through

Like Dan and Alastair and Sammy C to.

So Linda got us in the car and walked us to the school

Where a six foot three giant stood thinking he was cool

This kid was a monster I thought he was a teacher

His very scary looks was just one of his features

So as we approached him my heart was beating fast

If everyone here's like him how long will I last

At this precise moment I felt like running

But he turned round and said

“Do you know where you're going?”

And from that moment I certainly knew

That he would not flush my head down the loo

To be perfectly honest I don't know why I made the fuss

Because I said to Sam and Linda

“At least we know he won't bash us”

Matizzy   Matizzy wrote
on 4/11/2010 11:13:51 AM
This still makes me chuckle nearly 6 months on from when you wrote it xD

Free Verse
writing Ashley_Spall
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