Hay Bail Deceased Part 1

Part 1

Scene 1 Haydn’s flat in his bedroom.


                        (Haydn is lying in his bed, his room is messy and his uniform is scattered            on the floor, his alarm clock goes off but he doesn’t budge. Shannon            comes bursting in the room)


Mum                (Loudly) Haydn for the last time get up and go to school.

                        (Haydn murmurs and turns to face the other way)

                        (Shouts) Now, Haydn you really make me mad sometimes. (She exits)


            (Haydn gets up looks at his clock and realises the time so he quickly puts his uniform on, puts some deodorant on, grabs his cigarettes from under his bed. Goes into the bathroom and has a quick wash and cleans his teeth and ruffles his hair, grabs his bag and leaves hastily.)


Scene 2 School: Haydn’s Form


                        (In the classroom all the pupils are sitting behind their tables the Form Tutor is standing leaning over his desk.)


Tutor                So what have you all got planned for this week-end then? (Sam puts his hand up) Yes. Sam?


Sam                 I’m going up to the snooker hall up town and I’ve got a date up there too. (Pause) Damn I just remembered I’m going to Tamworth with my Dad, I’m going to the Snow dome I’m going to do tobogganing, and go down the huge ice slide on a huge ring it’s going to be awesome.


Freddy             I’ve been there before with my Nan it’s was so brilliant I had so much fun.

                        (There is a knock at the door and the Form Tutor leaves the room leaving the kids alone)


Gary                 (Nasty) Hey Freddy (Gary throws a bit of paper at him and laughs as does the rest of the class) Do you like spending time with your Nana.


Freddy             Y…yes I do whats it to you?


Gary                 (Has stood up and has walked over to Freddy and has got right up close to his face) Listen you weedy sack of spuds you ever speak to me like that again I’ll make you wish you were never born (Grabs his throat) Got it?


Freddy             (Feeling threatened and scared) Yes Gary sorry.

                        (The Teacher comes back in and sees Gary threatening Freddy)


Tutor                (Angrily) Gary Hooper sit down now (Gary sits down at his chair) you’ve got half an hour detention with me now tonight congratulations.


Gary                 Why what for?


Tutor                Well for what I’ve just witnessed and what your Maths teacher just told me about you not doing your homework for her lesson again so you can spend half and hour with me. (Gary looks annoyed)


                        (Tilly puts her hand up)


Tutor                (Abruptly) What? (Calmly) Sorry Tilly what is it?


Tilly                  I’m going down to London to watch the West End production of The Phantom of the Opera with Louise and Sandra for my 15th birthday tomorrow.


Tutor                Well I hope you have a good time tomorrow girls. I’ve been to see it. It is amazing. Honestly it’s the best play I think you will ever see in the West End.


Freddy             Except Oliver.


Tutor                Well I wouldn’t know about that one some of us are too busy to watch all of these shows.

                        (Haydn bursts in the room out of breath. Gary seems a lot happier)


Haydn              Sorry I’m late Sir.


Tutor                (Shouts) Sorry. Sorry you’re always sorry but do you ever do anything about it Haydn? (Pause) No you don’t (He checks his register) This is the ninth time you’ve been late, if your late for this afternoons registration you would have been late a record ten out of a possible ten times.

                        (Haydn starts smirking) I don’t know why you’re laughing Haydn you as too now have half an hour detention with me after school I’m so glad you enjoy spending so much time with me go and sit down.


                        (Haydn slowly sits down next to Gary)

                        (Everyone else has moved around to lightly talk to their friends)


Haydn              What you doing later Gaz?


Gary                 (Quietly) Well now that we’ve both got half an hour we’ll be spending some time together but I don’t know what to do after that.


Haydn              Why don’t you come to mine?


Gary                 Alright that’s a good idea but I’m having Chinese tonight so I’m gonna have tea at mine then I’ll come over to yours do you want me to bring anything with me?


Haydn              (Pause) O.K then bring your I. pod and speakers and if you can bring some booze I could really do with some after today. What lesson have we got now?


Gary                 Maths


Haydn              I don’t know about you but I really can’t be bothered with Maths do you want to skive it.


Gary                 Yeah alright then.


                        (A bell rings)


Tutor                (With Relief) Right every one of you go.


                        (Everyone rushes off)


Scene 3 The Wall


                        (Haydn and Gary are sitting on the concrete leaning against a huge wall both with cigarettes)


Haydn              Gary. You got a light?


Gary                 No


Haydn              What?


Gary                 Only Joking (He hands the lighter to Haydn they both light up their cigarettes)


Haydn              Gary have you ever thought about what you want to do after year 11?


Gary                 Well lets worry about surviving year 10 first. But honestly I can’t really see us getting many GCSE’s at the end of year 11, so I don’t know, it’s kinda harsh that people round here don’t give us a chance, they just put us to the bottom of the pile. (Takes a drag of his fag)


Haydn              Yeah that is true we do get shoved to the bottom, but in all seriousness…


Gary                 (Interupts) Do you even know what that means?


Haydn              (Pondering) Yeah kind of. It is sad though that we won’t (Takes a drag out of his fag) we won’t do much with it though. You saw how I got treated in form today. Outsiders just presume that you’re up to no good, and in this place they help the ones who are guaranteed to get their GCSE’s and then dumb asses like us don’t get no help (Stumps out his fag as does Gary) and after next year we won’t have anything to go with, colleges won’t want us and we won’t get to the 6th form. And we only go to lessons that we like all three of them.


Gary                 Oh yeah which lessons are they?


Haydn              Chemistry, Drama and English.


Gary                 Drama why do you like drama aint it kinda rubbish?


Haydn              No. Drama’s a laugh but the only one I like in the class is the teacher and because I don’t really get on with anyone else I get to work with her quite a lot.


Gary                 Oh crap the chemistry homework was due in today and I haven’t done it have you?


Haydn              Yeah I’ll help you do It if you want. (Gary gets the homework out of his bag) Right balancing equations is really easy once you understand it, right so the first one is C+O—CO2 now this isn’t balanced because whats on the right side must be on the left side and on the right side there is only one oxygen and on the left there is two so you just put a small number two next to the O now that is balanced as it now says C+O2 –CO2 see it’s easy.


Gary                 Cheers you little know it all.


Haydn              It’s weird my Mum don’t seem to care what I get up to these days.


Gary                 Mine either, I want to do well with my life I don’t want to be a shelf stacker. I wanna earn lots of money, have a nice house, and get a banging babe (Pause) O.K maybe not vital but I aint being a failure. How much money do you have left?


Haydn              (Checking pockets) I’ve only got £1.56 and an empty pack of chuddy. I aint got enough for any cigarettes.


Gary                 Don’t worry about it here you go here’s two (Gary gives Haydn 2 fags) I can’t believe I actually get served the people in the shop up town are pretty stupid, because we would never get served in the shop at home would we?


Haydn              No. Anyway we best go we’ve got Chemistry. (They both get up and leave to go to lesson.)


Scene 4 Haydns Flat


                        (Shannon is sitting in an armchair smoking she is on the phone to her sister Carol)


Shannon           So Haydn was late to school again, he hasn’t been to school on time at all this week it’s stupid he is damaging his own education… what do you mean hypocrite you can hardly talk Carol… yeah he’s always getting into trouble and expects me to stroll up to school and sort it all out for him well I tell you what it aint happening any more (the letterbox sounds) hang on Carol I’ve got to go and get the mail (Shannon gets the mail and returns to the phone she is looking through mail whilst talking on the phone) Why is  it that postman is always late? Hello what have we got here? It’s a letter from a performing arts school why would it be addressed to Haydn he’s not a performer… they’ve probably made an error anyway Carol I’ll see you tomorrow I think Haydn could do with a day with you. (She hangs up)

                        (Shannon rips up the letter and throws it in the bin and she resumes watching television)


Scene 5 Break-Time: School: Huge Wall


                        (Gary and Haydn are at the big wall as in scene 3, as it’s break time they now have a football and a lot more people are outside, but Haydn and Gary are on their own)


Gary                 What have we got next H?


Haydn              (Unenthusiastically) P.E, great another lesson I can’t be arsed with.


Gary                 Just because it’s basketball and you can’t do it (laughs)


Haydn              Shut up. I hate basketball it’s so rubbish and where am I going to use basketball later in life?


Gary                 (Mocking Haydn) Duh if you’re a basketball player.


Haydn              Yeah well I don’t plan to be a basketball player, (pause) I might just get sent out again, weedy Freddy loves having balls thrown at him (They both laugh Haydn has kicked the ball hard and it has gone away from the two of them)


Dean                (Joins Gary and Haydn, out of breath) Gary I’ve got your cigarettes, do you have my money?


Gary                 Haydn are you seeing the check on him (To Dean) Listen you’ll get your money when I see fit in giving it you but until then go and play tig or whatever you and your little year 7 bum boys do with each other. (Dean goes) (To Haydn)  He’s such a weirdo aint he?


Haydn              Yeah but he did just get you some fags, he aint half bad is he?


Gary                 Suppose not by the way do you want one?


Haydn              No, no I’m good thanks.


Gary                 (Pause) Haydn go and get the ball.


Haydn              (Abruptly) No! (To another person) Oi! Get the footy for me.

                        (Someone passes the ball back to Haydn) Sound. (He again begins to kick the ball around with Gary) Hey Gaz you up for getting sent out of P.E?


Gary                 Nah, not today I like basketball, but I’ll see you at lunch, then we can have that cigarette that we’ll both need. (They both laugh)


                        (Gary and Haydns’ form tutor has approached them and is now standing with the two boys who are surprised to see him)


Tutor                (Strictly) I sincerely hope that you two aren’t smoking, because if you are I’ll (Stuck for words) I’ll…


Gary                 Chillax Sir we aint smoking.


Tutor                Very well then I’ll leave you two youths to do whatever trouble your causing.


Haydn              That is such a monolithic stereotypical perception of the youth of today isn’t it. (Tutor is bemused that Haydn has said this) Giving the impression that we hang on street corners like sea urchins, smoking and drinking and just being a nuisance and generally causing mischief. I see what impressions teachers have of us. (To Gary) He’ll probably be accusing us of taking drugs and carrying knives. (Tuts) Typical.


Tutor                (Still perplexed about what Haydn has just said) Very well then lads I’ll leave you too it, and I’ll see you both in detention this afternoon. (The tutor walks away)


Gary                 (Bursts out laughing) Haydn that was amazing (Copies Haydn) monolithic stereotypical perception (As himself) ha you bloody geek did you even know what any of those words meant?


Haydn              Honestly? No (Both start laughing) did you see his face though (Mimics the Tutors face) No but using big words does make you sound more intelligent.


Gary                 Alright mate you can stop using long words now. (The school bell rings) Come on lets go. (They start walking slowly)


Haydn              Hey Gaz smiles is a long word.


Gary                 How’d you figure that out it’s only got six letters in it.


Haydn              Well there is a “mile” between the S’s (Haydn starts laughing)


Gary                 Your jokes are so bad. (They go)



Scene 6 Isolation Room: School


                        (In the room there is a table in the middle and that’s it there is one chair which Haydn is sitting on he has a worksheet with him which he has one look at, scrunches it up and throws it on the floor a teacher is wandering around the school and notices Haydn in the isolation room and goes into see him)


Teacher            (Un-surprised, but not angry) So Mr. Johnson what are you doing in here again?


Haydn              Well this was what happened…


Scene 7 The P.E Room


                        (All the boys are in the changing room and are all ready for the lesson)


Haydn              So Freddy how are you?


Freddy             (Politely) Oh. I’m very well thank you and yourself?


Haydn              (Angrily) Shut up Freddy I’m sick of your voice, I’m sick of your face and to be honest I’m sick of you. You little twerp.


Freddy             (Nervously) What is your problem Haydn?


Haydn              (Grabs him by the throat) You ever speak to me like that again and I’ll make you wish you were never born. Got it?


                        (The P.E teacher has come into the changing room.)


P.E Teacher     Haydn Johnson get off Freddy immediately (Haydn obliges) Do you know what I can’t be bothered with your intolerable behaviour go up to isolation I’ll send you some work up as well. (Haydn leaves)


Scene 8 Isolation Room


Haydn              … and that’s basically what happened Sir.


Teacher            So why was you so set on getting sent out today?


Haydn              Well it’s basketball and I hate it and I can’t be bothered with it. Just another pointless thing to learn about and now Sir’s gave me this sheet on body parts which I know that I can’t do and I really can’t be bothered to stay here much longer.


Teacher            Haydn; listen to me, I understand that you have trouble learning and paying attention or maybe you just can’t be bothered I don’t know, but do you really think that it’s fair on your peers to keep disturbing the lessons you might not want to learn about basketball but maybe everyone else does, it’s really selfish Haydn. Teaching is hard enough trust me, and you can make it really difficult for teachers, show me your report card (Haydn hands it over) Haydn you didn’t even go to maths today, why didn’t you go?


Haydn              Don’t know couldn’t be bothered.


Teacher            Well that’s not good enough. P.E your meant to have now. English with me is really good and so is chemistry and so is Drama. Why can’t you be as well behaved for all your lessons? Anyway Haydn I’m gonna have to leave you know after all you are in isolation. (The teacher leaves)


Haydn              Yeah see you later Sir.

                        (Haydn picks up the sheet and folds it back out, he gets a pen and attempts the sheet and to his amazement he completes the sheet much to his amazement he looks very pleased with himself. The receptionist enters)


Receptionist      Haydn Johnson?


Haydn              Yes Miss?


Receptionist      I have a letter here for you it’s from a school in Birmingham I tell you what Haydn you are one hell of a lucky boy, you really are. (The receptionist gives the letter to Haydn and then leaves he opens the letter takes one look at it and then rips it up, and throws the pieces in the bin)


                        (The P.E teacher joins Haydn in the Isolation Room and takes Haydn’s work sheet off him)


P.E Teacher     The Head Teacher would like to see you now Haydn.

                        (Haydn leaves) Haydn this sheet. Good work. See you can do it you just don’t want to.



Scene 8 The Head’s Office.


                        (The Head Teacher is sitting on his huge chair behind his desk. Haydn knocks and enters)


Head                (Angrily but not shouting) Come on in Johnson stand there and stay quiet, let me inform you this isn’t going to be pretty, because I am sick and tired of your audacious behaviour and not just me Mrs. Behr tells me that you didn’t even go to Maths today, your behaviour and attitude is affecting the others around you. It may not bother you showing off in front of your posse, but that is not fair on your fellow classmate who suprising to you want to learn. I swear to God Johnson if you are sent to me at all next week for your attitude or behaviour I will personally suspend you from here for a month, and I will personally ensure that work is sent to you every day for you to complete if you don’t do it then I will come to your house and make you do it and you know how boring my teaching is. Your treading on very thin ice Haydn so I suggest you skate with caution, show me your report card (Haydn hands his report card over) keep up your good work in Chemistry, English and Drama you are dismissed (He hands the report card back to Haydn and Haydn leaves)


Scene 9 The Big Wall.


                        (Haydn is sitting at the wall looking really sorry for himself; he takes a cigarette out of his bag puts it in his mouth and is unsuccessfully searching for a lighter Miss. Rose the Drama teacher has joined Haydn)


Miss Rose        Now Haydn we don’t need that now do we (Haydn puts the cigarette back in his bag) now listen to me you could and should do really well in life but your not going to if you keep getting sent out of lessons are you. I know and understand what troubles you have at home and here at school, but you really have to isolate your home life to home and your school life to school, I can tell that your not because this is whats happening and as a result you are performing a lot under par, and it’s annoying because I know that you can do so much better than what your showing. I know that you’re a bright kid Haydn and you have a real creative spark for Drama, do any other teachers know the acting side of you? H answer me this question why are you so well behaved for me but not all of your teachers?


Haydn              Honestly? It’s because none of the other teachers like me, because I don’t like them or their lessons, because they bore me. I have no interest in Maths or Woodwork so I just don’t go to them, it saves the teachers having a stress at me, if you can even call them teachers, and it saves them a lot of time and effort if I’m just not there to start with.


Miss. Rose       H the staff here are all here to help you; you just have to find it in yourself to accept that. We have a job to as do you; mine is to teach and yours is to learn. Anyway Haydn it’s coming up to lunch so I’ll leave you up to whatever your getting up to. Do you have anything planned for lunch?


Haydn              Nothing really probably just slouch here with Gary being bored.


Miss. Rose       (Laughs) Oh Ok Haydn I’ll leave you then but have a good week-end and try to stay out of trouble. (Miss. Rose leaves)



Scene 10 Haydn’s flat: Bedroom



                        (Haydn is at home on his own as his mum is out working, he is lying on his bed still looks a bit upset after the day that he’s had at school, he is playing on his PSP. His mobile phone rings and it is around half four)


Haydn              (Answers the phone) Hello


Gary                 H, it’s Gaz what’s up with you?


Haydn              Oh it’s nothing don’t worry about it.


Gary                 It aint our form tutor is it, he aint upset you has he?


Haydn              That’s just one thing, just the whole of today has been kinda cruddy.


Gary                 Well what time do you want me to come over to yours?



Haydn              Whenever you want mum aint home so just come round whenever you want.


Gary                 Do you want me to bring anything with me?


Haydn              Your I. Pod and speakers, get your lighter and bring some booze I could do with a laugh.


Gary                 (Laughs) Ha such an alcoholic! 


Haydn              You can’t exactly talk. I’ll see you in a bit. (Haydn puts the phone down)

                        (Haydn resumes playing on his PSP.)


                        (15 minuites later and Gary has arrived the two of them are in Haydn’s bedroom)


Gary                 Do you want a fag Haydn?


Haydn              Yeah.

                        (Gary hands over a fag and a lighter and the both spark up)


Gary                 So what’s made you so upset today?


Haydn              Just the whole day really the Head, our Tutor (Cheerful) but it’s nearly the week-end so lets have some fun. Anyway how was P.E without me again?


Gary                 Wicked (Gary takes a drag from his fag) cuz we had a professional come in and teach us all new stuff.


Haydn              Cool. What stuff did you bring then? (Haydn takes a drag from his fag)


Gary                 My I. Pod, some flowers for your mum from my mum and I managed to bring some booze do you have any?


Haydn              Yeah I’ll nick some of my mums (Laughs)


                        (The front door sounds and Shannon enters)


Shannon           (Shouts) Haydn. I’m home.


Haydn              (To Gary) What’s she doing back so early? Quick hide your stuff under my bed and chuck your fag out the window (Gary and Haydn stump their fags out and leave Haydn’s bedroom Gary brings the flowers with him; to Shannon) Hi mum Gary’s here it’s alright if he stays for tea isn’t it?


Shannon           I know Gary’s here I’ve just seen his mother and of course it’s Ok if he stays for tea. Gaz you can stay as long as you want.


Gary                 Thanks Miss. Surman my mum told me to give you these flowers. (Gary hands over the flowers)


Shannon           Aww thanks Gary but whats this for?


Gary                 For looking after me the other week.


Shannon           Well thankyou. Haydn why can’t you be as nice as Gary here. Now you two clear off and get back to whatever it was you were doing. I don’t want to be disturbed during my Hollyoaks omnibus got it. (Both boys nod) Good. Theres some food in the fridge feel free to help yourself but don’t eat all of it.


Haydn              Thanks mum (To Gary) c’mon Gaz lets go back to my room.



Scene 11 Outside Flat.


                        (Time goes forward a few hours to early evening it is quite dark outside and Gary and Haydn have gone outside Gary got a spray can from his shed and they are putting graffiti on a neighbour’s wall they have been drinking alcohol and smoking, a neighbour has come out to confront the two boys)


Woman            Oi you two shouldn’t be doing that. That’s a council wall that is.


Gary                 (Drunk) What you going to do about it you old hag get back in the kitchen and cook or whatever it is you do.


Woman            (Angrily) How dare you speak to me like that?


Gary                 (Threateningly) I dare.


Woman            Right Gary I’ll be having words with your mother. (she goes back in her house)


Gary                 Now we’re in trouble (sees police car coming)


                        (A policeman steps out of the car and approaches the two)


Police Man       Gary and Haydn what a suprise to see you two here c’mon Gary I’ll take you home Haydn go and wait by my car (Haydn goes and waits by the car and Gary goes with the police man. Moments later the police man returns to speak to Haydn)

                        What in God’s name do you think you are doing, acting like an idiot in front of your neighbours like this? I dread to think what your mother thinks of you behaving like this. What is she going to say when I take you home? Part of the reason I left her was her constant arguing and I’m so glad that it’s you that’s going to be on the receiving end of her shouting. I’m so mad at you Haydn Johnson; ever since I left your mother you thought that you could just walk over your mother, but let me tell you something mate. If I’m ever called out to you for this sort of behaviour I will arrest you and lock you up for the night, because this is unfair on your mother, seeing you like this she is probably worried sick right now.


Haydn              I doubt that and since when have you been interested in mums feelings if I remember rightly it was you that went to another woman so don’t say that it was her arguing that split you two up because it wasn’t, so you ditching her for Yvonne broke me and now this is whats happened thanks to your (sarcastically) loyalty. Whats the matter; truth hurts doesn’t it. (Haydn walks off)


Scene 12 Haydns Flat


                        (Haydn staggers in but seems to have sobered up a bit he reeks of alcohol and cigarettes)


Shannon           (Angrily) Where the hell have you been Haydn, on the street no doubt causing trouble again. Do you know how much stress you put me through? Why do you have to cause so much trouble with Gary? (Pause) Well what do you have to say for yourself?


Haydn              What do you care, since you got home all you’ve done is watch tele; you don’t care about me at all do you. As long as you’ve got your tele programmes and your fags your happy. I bet you hadn’t even realised that we’d gone out had you? (Pause) Thought not you were just too hooked on Hollyoaks. Oscar brought me back and it made me realise something; when the two of you were together at least he was there for me, he’d go out with me to watch Coventry play, or we’d go fishing or we’d go together to the pub and play darts, but no your too lazy to take me anywhere and I’m sick of it. Whats the matter, truth hurts doesn’t it. (Haydn storms into his room)


Shannon           (Shannon starts bursting into tears) Haydn I’m, I’m sorry, so sorry.


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