Beaten by the staves of verse that once defined your existence
    Breathless and bitter for what was done
        Breathless and bitter holding to distant memory
Because you don't believe in God and you don't believe in faith but you love Him
    And Jesus is a name that you are so goddamn sick of hearing
So tell me, my friend, why do you hate Him if your love is so overbearing?

Why would God, if he loved us, create a world destined for depression?
    And who is God that he would simply ignore us-
        I long for a Father

Come, my child, and let us be free, free from these shackles that tether our souls!
    But once again these lies ring so distant and haunting
        Let us trade tether for tether; let us worship in fear
And you're tired of the lies and tired of the guise of fellowship
    And you're tired of the fucked up measure of what one's worth is!
So tell me, my friend, why do you hate them if your God tells you to love?

Who is your god and why do you serve him?
    He is exalting your place of despair.
And why do you keep tormenting your spirit, alone with a god
    That thrives on taking your will?

Who is your god?

Come, my son, and let us pass judgment on the very souls that we might save.
    I swear my God is looking down upon us, ready to judge us all just the same!
So who is your god and why do you serve him?
    The breath that you breathe is so goddamn meaningless.
And why do you play as if their lives concerned you
    Leading your sheep to their graves?

Do You still love me as You did when I was a child?

WAN   WAN wrote
on 8/14/2009 10:28:05 PM
the song and this poem is very compatible with each other, its really a great write and a song Eli:)

WAN   WAN wrote
on 6/28/2009 1:03:54 PM
This poem goes to all the hypocrites in this world and to all the people who let others believe that they love god but they are just fooling theirselves. I still hope someday that these people instead of kissing their saint's statue will kiss their babies and loved their family(then thats the time that they will prove themselves that every time they call the names of God-they mean it. Great Job here!

Music and Lyrics
writing AshesofLilith
And God created the dust and from dust he begot man; we are but ashes and dust scattered by the wind across a vast nothingness we ourselves have created.
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These are the lyrics to a song I recently wrote. They are very personal and I talk much pride in what they illustrate, which is of course, up to you to decided.