We know
Yes, we know who she is,
Arrives far too early and leaves far too late.
Yes, we know who she is,
(Prefers to be this side of the school gate)

There’s something not right and we fear that at home
She won’t get attention, she’s often alone
And if she is noticed, it’s for nothing good.
She grows up more quickly than she really should.

Yes, we know who she is,
Gets a little too angry when they’re calling her names.
Yes, we know who she is
As we look at those holes in her clothes; it’s a shame.

Spends break times and lunchtimes alone in a room
With a piano, self-taught, she writes up a tune
To express how she’s feeling – ‘course it’s not really true
But dreams of being famous; her dreams pull her through.

Yes, we know who she is
And we watch her inside her own little world,
Oh yes, we know who she is
But there’s not much we can do for this lonely girl.

They don’t understand her, the kids in her class.
They think she is strange, and a bit of a farce.
And she’s proud to be different when the hurt’s not too much 
And longs to be held or for one tender touch.

Yes, we know who she is
But it’s not for us teachers to fill in the gap.
We do know who she is,
But if we get involved, we’ll get the rap.


We know.

Moqui_Takoda   Moqui_Takoda wrote
on 7/30/2008 12:48:27 AM
I think i mentioned in an earlier comment on another one of your poems that i liked how you avoided the dreaded iambic gallop most rhymers think is either good or don't know they have it .... the problem with the gallop is that is destroys anything not meant to be humorous ... now, this poem continues to show me how a rhymer can rhyme with obvious sight and sound and sight/sound rhymes withuout one gallop in the whole thing, and i believe that is because you do not write metered poetry, but are fond of syllabic poetry and that is why you know about flow ... the poem itself is about more than one student, for this characteristics are, by stanza, things we watch for even if we aren't teachers, not because we know what they mean, but because they are silent, obvious indicators of either something harsh or something exceptional, usually the former but sometimes the latter. write on.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 7/30/2008 12:05:18 AM
An eye opener. This shows that there is poeple like you who do care about those society has cast off as different or strange. There is a reason why they are like that and you make that point known here. Good job with this one!

Free Verse
writing Anyafay
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