I love that
  I love it when you smile at me
With your head dipped down and
Your eyes lit up, I love that.

I love it when you hold me
Close in those arms of yours
So strong, yet soft, Oh, hold me.

I love it when you tickle me
My heart beats faster, my stomach
Flips.  Oh yes, I do love that.

I love it when you put your
arm around me when we walk,
Under trees, under stars, down the
Road, through the park, in the rain
I love that too.

I love it when you tell me
'Don't be scared' and banish all
My fears away and make me feel so
Safe...protect me.

I love it when you make a
Dirty joke and laugh in half
Embarrassment, I love your
Laugh, I adore it.

I love it when you touch me,
Caress me.  I feel such
Felicity at those times when
You touch me, Love.

I love it when we snuggle up,
Cuddle up all cozy on the couch,
Watching t.v., talking, kissing,
Kissing you on our couch.

I love the memories I have
already shared with you
I sink into them as into suede
On top of the world in a French
Ferris wheel,

I love you

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 7/30/2008 11:51:52 PM
I wish I would have wrote this because it is purely and simply GREAT! How would I like to borrow some words from it for another poem I am working on. I told one other person on here that I think it is the highest praise when another writer wants to use something that you wrote, for one of their works. I will tell you the same thing now.

Moqui_Takoda   Moqui_Takoda wrote
on 7/30/2008 11:04:26 AM
each quatrain, carefully avoiding any hint of sound of rhyme, is composed of three lines smooth and the last line with a nice hitch to emphasize the theme of love's joy .. the final stanza of five lines is actually very much a quatrain in its spirit: the last two lines being a single idea, the entire poem being composed of lines of independent ideas. The final line is a repetition of the theme and could be left out with greater effect, i think. Consider this. So the reason this poem works so well is its sophisticated recipe of smooth smooth smooth hitch, all the way down to the final hitch/smooth and of course the flow which dances along with a light heart. Nice!!! Somebody has go a serious poet flair.

Free Verse
writing Anyafay
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