Half Past Eight on Monday Morning
 What can I give them today to prevent

The cries of annoyance, of rage and dissent?

A worksheet to explore the words of the Bard?

Nonsense, ‘twill make them think: that’s too hard.

A poem then, read out aloud with expression

Conveying emotions of love or depression,

But have I the energy to get them to close

Their mouths to listen intently to verse or to prose?


Around in my head busy tongues cry out and say:

‘Oh, it was never like this, back in my day.’

And I grimace and curse as realisation dawns

That the words of my parents are now reborn!


But what can I give them?  The bell’s soon to go

And they’ll soon be invading – o panic!  O woe!

Why didn’t I sort all of this out last night

Instead of indulging in that last sparkling white?


Still, enough of remorse – it will not solve the dilemma

Of having nothing to engage the wandering mind of Emma,

And prevent a riot and cries of ‘it’s crap!’

And the boys in the corner from starting a scrap.

So think, come on now, I’m feeling irate,

Oh bugger; the bell.  It’s too bloody late!

Anyafay   Anyafay wrote
on 7/26/2008 3:19:15 AM
Thanks guys, BlueIris, thanks for your suggestion- I meant to change the whole stanza from second to first person - I'd missed that - Ta!

BlueIris   BlueIris wrote
on 7/25/2008 11:25:57 PM
Funny. I felt your stress. Teachers have a difficult job! Of course, you know how rewarding it can be, as well. Where you wrote, "And you grimace and curse..." I thought that should be in first person.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 7/25/2008 9:25:45 PM
I like your fun natured writing style. It makes it light and easy to read. That you can make fun of a Monday morning...the worst morning we all don't like is imagination at it's peak.

Free Verse
writing Anyafay
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