It was dusk when I went seeking something; that I did not see

But I felt it, deep inside me; so strong that I couldn’t flee.

Stepping out into the moonlight, a star was shining in the east

And the breeze that was so looming seemed to die down slowly; then to cease


Trees that rustled stopped their gossip; listening for something new

And the grassy, uncut gardens were all covered in the dew.

As I wondered, what had caused me to go out on such account

The old street lamp seemed to dim; then brighten up a vast amount


I thought, “Surely there must be some reason,” As suspicion seemed to loom.

“After all, this kind of season, heart just feels more love than doom.”

It was after all July, and nothing looked too gloomy; still,

I had gotten out at midnight out of my own very will.


This had seemed all too misgiving, but I stood there anyhow

Because all the thoughts of leaving, appeared by someone, disallowed.

So I stood there, in the moonlight, frozen, and afraid to move.

Wondering if it was fate that brought me here; and what it tried to prove.


As the mystery took hold, there, staring into space I stood

And my gaze just led to nowhere; I asked myself if I should

Go investigate these hunches; and therefore be denied my bed

Just to see where fate was leading; go where no man ever tread


Since adventure wanted seeking and my conscience just gave in

Absent mindedly I started, walking towards some good or sin

Slowly moving toward a vagueness, nothing more had crossed my mind

But the looming fact of something I was surely bound to find


Suddenly I saw a movement; one that baffled me inside

Something creeping straight ahead that had just barely crossed my mind

As I peered into the darkness, I saw neither light nor glow

Nor that strange glimpse of some creature which was not planning to show


Vividly now, in the darkness, I thought I saw a hint of ember

And the shadow of the street light seemed so eerie, I remember.

And that orange glint of bliss had strangely made me feel all right

It made me forget my troubles; what they will do and what they might.


Only Barely I distinguished a tiny shape hunched in a crook

It was ember. And right away, it was my heart it took.

Carefully I walked some nearer; and what I saw right then

Made my hardened soul just melt; and so I blinked again.


A smallish, miniature kitten had been left there; shivering

Looking like it just wanted to go, and float to heaven on its wings.

With saddened eyes I saw it look, and mixed with pleading looks,

And it just looked so uncared for, and so very undertook.


So it gave me weary glances, as if saying,’ help me live.’

‘What is it in this life that those humans can’t forgive?’

So I looked at it in pity and a sympathy like none

I had realized that this creature wasn’t guilty; no crime done.


‘Life’s unfair.’ I found me saying, angrily, as I now knew

And a sudden burst of anger seemed to have given me a clue.

I couldn’t leave this creature here; it wouldn’t stay for long.

I wouldn’t let this kitten die. For it had done no wrong.


Now as I crept a little nearer, I saw the details of this cat.

An orange tabby, as I saw, unusual at that.

It had a single streak across its back, a brilliant white that shone.

Though I could tell it was a stray; its eyes said it was alone.


Feet were hunched up close together, like a rather comic pose

And the humble pads made footsteps silent; whitish fur grew on its toes

Scrawny tail was wet and soggy; it was dragged through puddles; still,

You could see the beauty in the kitten’s own free will.


And its face was so halfhearted, like it was broken long ago

Though in its eyes still shone an ember; that was dying as it goes.

So the eyes looked, gently, needing, in a ginger kind of way

And its heart said, begging, pleading, that it won’t be its death day.


Tired it was; and hungrier still more

Not to count that its own soul was wet and old and torn.

So amazing it had been when those huge eyes; had blinked,

That I started praying, soundly crying, that this soul would just not sink.


And I limply reached my arm at the sullen, broken pose,

Seeing it was also praying, praying soundly as it goes

Kitten shrank away from trembles that my fingers now gave it

Though there was nothing left to shrink to; but a cold, bottomless pit


Minutes passed that seemed like hours and we crouched there, under stars

And the kitten seemed devoured; had a look that was afar

So at last I had had the nerve to look into those troubled eyes.

And give a touch, I thought this right; and try to rid it of its lies.


And it firstly twitched away and had a look of pure mistrust,

And a tortured, bothered face of that orange glow of rust

All the feelings; young. But not too pure. It had seen

So many countless battles. Between itself and who; I wasn’t sure.


But then it changed. It saw I understood.; looked up with glints of hope

That brightened up from that day on my life and how to cope.

Tilted chin up with my fingers, softly, I had tried to stroke

That kitten; try to mend a withered heart that broke.



A glint of pink I saw as that amazing soul’s small lips

Its tiny tongue had licked my palm; showing that its heart was not that all ripped.

And my eyes had glinted with excitement to this day

That this kitten’s spirit had not yet become decayed


Its paw it placed on mine; my hand that is. I couldn’t tell.

This kitten had just tried to live again; forget its own farewells.

And I thought I should hearten it; a smile of hope I gave

And hoped to heaven that it would follow my advice; itself it save.


A smile it didn’t understand. A feeling, it could see

And silent and so serious, it looked again at me.

It closed its eyes to try survive; a rigid breath it gave

And free of thought, and less of life, it tried, denied, its grave.


It opened them once more, the only eyes that I adored

It seemed to smile back at me; a smile of hope I'm sure.

I scratched its ear, so carefully I did, and it accepted me as well

I saw its other ear was missing, just to something here that dwelled.


As I stroked the kitty’s ear, some unseen force told it was true

I had to take this kitten to my home; it was just something I would do.

Gently I had picked it up, and with no resistance done

Hoping, gazing, with compassion that this being would not run


Kindly it let me to take it with no visible attempt to flee

And we walked slowly, surely, through the darkness; as it was getting hard to see.

I felt the shivering of kittens tiny paws; just like

It’s miniature body that had worn out through the night


So we walked in silence; till I couldn’t take it anymore.

“It’s gonna be okay,” I whispered. A mistake; and now my heart it tore.

 A sound was all it took to end this deepest trance

And to this day I did regret this sound that ruined all my chance.


This small fault had killed its soul, the one I hadn’t known

And a rancid, almost evil, side, had just begun to show.

Screeching, talons were retrieved as sharp and sure as knives

And there it was, released, the dark side of this kitten’s lives.


Hissing spilled out to the wind and echoed cross the land

So it reflected in my fractured soul; and my badly scratched, scarred hand.

And the spitting, and deceiving, kitten, was now so afraid

That it panicked; and forgot, emotions; how we prayed


Heart of mine filled with disaster; that its destiny was laid

And the sorrow; I remember never even seemed to fade.

Jumping out into the moonlight, the wretched star was shining in the east

And all the kittens’ chance of living seemed to die down slowly.

Then to cease.

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This is a poem i wrote in 7th grade. I edited it, but its still a little amateur..
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