7 Cheap and Cool Ideas for DIY Christmas Gifts

Do you feel exhausted looking for a gift for the loved ones? Don't know how to surprise them? Do you want the gift to be original and memorable? Explore these ideas for the DIY Christmas gifts and start crafting.


They say the best gift is the one that is handmade. A handmade gift shows that you care. It is really hard to choose a gift for some people. You have to take their preferences and needs into account. Some shop online and read about best gifts for chocolate lovers in order to find that perfect gift that will be both practical and enjoyable.


If you obtain creative skills and have great imagination it may be the time for you to learn about the best DIY gifts. This way, you will present both positive feelings and a handy gift.


Depending on the likes and interests of your loved ones, here are the types of presents you could opt for:


1.         Candles

2.         Soaps

3.         Scrubs

4.         Candy

5.         Slimes

6.         Wind-chimes

7.         Pillows

8.         Dishes and coasters

9.         Containers and holders for all sorts of things

10.       Mugs


Here is brief tutorial for you to start crafting. Please your beloved ones and save some time and money.


1. Tote bags


Made from old T-shirts, these cool bags will come in handy everywhere. To add more color to it, you could dip-dye it in the bright color or make it Ombre.


2. Candles


Candles are good for relaxation and romantic evenings. There are candle making kits available on the Amazon.


You can put a candle in the jar and decorate it to look like a snowman or you could make a candle in a teacup. Whichever design you are going for, it will totally cute and delightful.


A candle holder will be a good present as well.


3. Soaps


A beautiful, good-smelling and practical present indeed. The best thing is that there is an abundance of toppings and flavors available. For instance, for making a poppy seed and citrus soap bars you will be needed the main two ingredients and a two-pound block of Goat’s Milk soap base from the craft store. Some soap mold and essential oils will be needed as well.


4. Everything you can put in a jar


A coffee body scrub is perhaps the easiest present of this kind. Other presents that come in jars are cocktail kits, a brownie mix, spa kits, homemade jams and Christmas scents. Everything that says: "I really thought about this present" will look better in a jar.


5. Cups 


Painted cups look very nice and unique. You can also use a Sharpie pen to decorate a mug. Take some letter stickers, put whatever combination of letters you find fun or meaningful, draw whatever you want around the letter and then peel off the stickers.


6. Necklaces


A necklace is worn close to heart so this present will be quite memorable. Fimo Tube necklaces or map necklaces are popular these days.


To make a Fimo Beed Tube necklace here's what you'll need:


1.         Fimo Effects block

2.         Neck chain

3.         Scalpel

4.         Cutting Mat

5.         Skewer or cocktail stick

6.         Tape

7.         Gold metallic spray paint


7. Hand Warmers


If you want the person to think of you when they feel warmth, make them a microwave hand warmer. You'll need


1.         some fabric

2.         fabric scissors

3.         pinking shears (optional)

4.         sewing machine or needle

5.         thread

6.         long pins

7.         rice


Before giving to your kids or friends heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds and you're good to go.


A handmade present is the best because it is unique. Its value isn't determined by the money spent. If people are really dear to you, and this is mutual, even if you don't work very well, they will still appreciate your work and the heart you put.

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