Toy Story

Act One

Introduction to characters and conflict
Woody saves the day from a bank stickup by Mr. Potatoe head.

Dramatic Premise
Family film.

Ordinary World
The life of toys when there left alone.

Inciting Incident
A young kid named Andy gets a Buzz Lightyear gift for he's birthday that sadly replaces Woody from being Andy's faverite toy. Woody is jealous and wants Andy to pick him to go to pizza planet. Andy thought of Buzz lihgtyear so Woody trys to knock Buzz behind the bureau desk, resulting chaos!

Act Two
After Buzz Lightyear is knock out of the window by Woody, Woody was the only option for Andy to take to pizza planet. When they got to the car Buzz runs and grabs ahold of the car and takes off with them. Andy's mom then stops at the gas station and tells Andy to go in with her. Woody is left alone in the car scared for Buzz lightyear's life. Buzz some how climbs through the window and starts a fight with Woody! Ending up under the car being left behind by Andy and he's mom.

Culmination (first)
d Buzz finds a ride to pizza planet!

Mid Point (first)
Buzz had the chance to reunite with Andy but Buzz and he's roleplaying mind seened a space ship! so he ran to it! spoiling Woody's plan. Ending up getting cought by the Evil Sid Kid!

Climax (second culmination)
Woody and Buzz haves a chance to escape to Andy's house through Sid's window. Woody had found christmas lights to cross and had the other help from Andy's toys but not all of them were eagered to help Woody, seeing that Woody was alone and waving "hello" with Buzz Lightyear's broken arm. (Buzz was also in a moment of depression and sadness when he found out he was only a toy! (Exposition) Buzz didn't want to do anything. After getting he's arm fix by the other toys Buzz then gets choosen to get exploided by one of Sid's rockets, Luckly it was raining so he was'nt able to do it. So the next morning Woddy talks some sense into Buzz Lightyear about going home, Buzz decides to go back!

 Mid Point (second)
des to go back with Woody untill the alarm clock rings! waking up Sid the evil kid! reminding him about Buzz and the rocket!

Climax (third culmination)
Woody and Sid's toys unite to scare off Sid to save Buzz from being blown up! Now they're on there way back to Andy's mom's car because they're moving to another house.

Mid Point (third)
Buzz and Woody makes a run for it but Buzz gets stuck to the fence because of the rocket straped to hes back! so there left behind again! They start chasing the moving truck!

Buzz Lightyear and Woody managed to fly into the car with Andy!

Woody and Buzz are happily back with there friends and Andy in there new home

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