"Teddy Bear..."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Teddy Bear..."
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I’ve walked the streets
of so many places -
round the world
and just around your corner

and all the thrown-away people
wandering by...
being what they are -
its all they have now.

Ever really wonder
how many paychecks you are
from being a ’them’ too?

I remember reading
a Washington Post obit
of a Vet that died
sleeping on a sidewalk vent -
downtown DC, the night before...
same day I finally visited ’The Wall’.

I always wondered why -
they didn’t add his name...
he gave it all
in the end.

Being outside -
you WANT oversize shoes
for the extra socks, ya know?

People have reasons,
not always excuses -
for being where they are
when they are
as they are...

and because they ARE people
they ARE worth listening to...

"Teddy Bear..." was a ’minute’, just another cold-day-
in-hell, Philadelphia... it had snowed the night before.

"Teddy Bear..."

Shuffle a bit,
keepin’ warm...
move, stop, move again.

Look at the pretties -
"...nice pretties...",
ice sparkles so - see?
So slowly reach,
softly touch - touch -
trace the smooth melting curves -

look closer - am cold,
move again.

Hates shadows,
lives in shadows,
is a shadow...

I can see, I can...
all the eyes that look away,
that just pass by.
I watch them scurry,
so busy doing...

I don’t know but
they do - they must
cause they’re busy.
I was busy,
can be busy,
look... see?
I was...

Am hungry...
no matter - eat tomorrow,
yeah, tomorrows good,
a sunny day,
...warm sunny day -
no shadows tomorrow,
hates shadows.

Am cold,
move again - breathe.
I was them...

Listens to my heartbeat,
is the voice I know best.
Its still there... damn,
wish it wasn’t.
Maybe tomorrow...
yeah, tomorrow’s good,
a sunny day -
hates the shadows.

I had a teddy bear too...
somewhere, somewhen,
I did... really.
I remember...

wish I didn’t - remember.
Maybe tomorrow -
yeah, maybe tomorrow
that’ll be gone too.

Chris T.

Ancient117331   Ancient117331 wrote
on 5/14/2008 1:32:05 PM
Joe, Thanks man, and point understood... Chris

Sojourner   Sojourner wrote
on 5/14/2008 10:55:55 AM
You know this is awesome poetry, however, I want to offer a suggestion: try writing shorter poems. I am NOT saying, "Don't ever write poems of this length," what I am saying is, "Mix it up." The reason is, you have an awesome style, but I fear the length of your poems sometimes will "lose" your audience. Just offering some positive criticism. -Joe

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