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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some Thoughts Need Sharing
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Several have said the previous blog was of Vietnam…
it wasn't.  It was of the TIMES of "Flower Power",
Vietnam, and the societal upheavals prevalent for
the 1960's and 70's.  So many have a mind's eye
view of a 'gentler' life for back then… it was actually
quite mean in-spirit AND reality.  Even 'eating' back
then could easily be a hit-or-miss affair… depending
on the vagaries of luck… and what you actually ate -
well I WON'T go there.  ANGER was the hallmark
for those years – anger at innocence lost; anger at
all the "NO" s being found in your life; anger at the
limits you were supposed to STAY within and
somehow even LIVE(??) within.

A LOT of anger built by YEARS of the not-so-good
life people actually lived and sometimes even survived…
and it came to a head.  Society as a whole 'boiled-over'.
Listen to the music – really listen to the lyrics, they say
it all.  Million Copy-plus sellers about Frustration, Hurt,
Helplessness, and So Much More – and the Caps
heading THOSE words ARE NOT typos.  Some may
believe the war was the GREATEST cause of the
transition, I don't.  I believe it was a 'safety-valve'
instigated and continued to relieve the pressures
society was facing… and it didn't get out of hand.
Society as a whole just wouldn't be held back anymore.

America didn't 'crack' under the weight of that time -
hell, it SHATTERED.  Concepts of right and wrong
changed – dramatically and daily, even momentarily.
But 'fairness' didn't follow.  It was the thoughtlessness
of that time that hurt me, personally, most of all. 

It doesn't matter
you lost a friend
a home
your entire LIFE -
in a heartbeat.

And some daddies leave
without goodbyes –
And mommies too.

It doesn't matter
that you cry -
cause the tears
mean nothing
in other's eyes.

And what do you pray for
when the church doors are closed
padlocked tight…
and priests can take away your sins
but not your nights.

When you're so cold,
so really hungry it hurts,
and there are no stars
to wish on -
just huddling tight and small.

What DO you dream
as you FEEL a roach pass
across your clenched hands,
or the stinking bristling fur
that rubs against your face?
Do you close your eyes at all?

And the morning brings
yesterday –
Again and again and again.

Chris T.

Waggy   Waggy wrote
on 4/29/2008 9:14:00 PM
I wasn't around then, but Have heard stories from my father. Sometimes I wish I was around for those years, but I am sure if I was actually there I would change my mind. Wonderful work as expected!!!

Pulelehua   Pulelehua wrote
on 4/29/2008 12:05:47 PM
You have touched on an avenue of that period that so many DO NOT see or simply WISH to SUPPRESS. Well written Chris! Thank you for the read.

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Comments to "Dreams Of Utopia" brought this one. I've since given some thought to a new poem - "Perceptions..." p'haps I'll post it here as well... I need to think on that.
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