"A Pause..."
 I continue wandering, looking - thinking - looking again.
There IS a lot of 'depths' given within this place.  'Depths'
that really require taking the time to breath.  'Depths'
viewed from personal heavens and hells while you
live with and within your own.  There ARE so many
'little' voices flowing through the light and night here -
in this place many choose as a 'home'.  Each, while just
a whisper when taken by itself, adds together into a sheer
wordless ROAR that grasps and shakes me... hard.

It doesn't matter if the various poems I've found were
manuscripts of utmost greatness or just the 'teasings'
of a bored-to-death-with-it-all PERSON wishing
that SOMETHING were actually 'different' - somehow,
within their moment of life.  And some people just
really DON'T know how to express themselves better
BUT - THAT doesn't invalidate the reality of what they
feel as they take that precious commodity -
- and try to have someone, ANYONE - 'get it',
if just for one unrepeated moment, just for that one
INSTANT - someone ELSE can actually understand
them, listen to them, hear them, HEAR about them,
remember them - as they are or were.

Immortality is as you live it.  Spelling be damned and
Grammar? - a sheer joke as you CHOKE on the tears;
yours and all the ones you wade through reaching
that moment of insight or madness or whatever YOUR
moment might be. 

"A Pause..."

The sun is soooooooooooo warm right now
so softly caressing my face,
while burning hard,
scaring deeper and deeper still
into my eyes as I stare
longer and longer
unblinkingly awaiting
the moment of peace...
only blindness can bring.

Chris T.

Raven Spirit   Raven Spirit wrote
on 5/5/2008 6:21:52 AM
Well OK, I did not think my original comment posted??????

Raven Spirit   Raven Spirit wrote
on 5/5/2008 6:21:10 AM
The form here is very effective. In the prose poem aspect you show your compassion for the world. That in turn opens the door for the reader to have compassion for you when you advance into free verse. I enjoyed this.

Raven Spirit   Raven Spirit wrote
on 5/5/2008 6:18:25 AM
The way that you did this; the form beginning as a bit of prose poem and then free verse was very effective. Within the prose aspect I hear you commiserate with the world with compassion and then you add the poem about yourself which is enhanced by the compassion you display for others.

Ancient117331   Ancient117331 wrote
on 5/4/2008 12:02:51 AM
Thanks Terry... appreciated

searcher   searcher wrote
on 5/3/2008 3:56:44 PM
"Immortality is as you live it".....no truer words were ever written. Very nicely done.

Free Verse
writing Ancient117331
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