I was in my civics class and my teacher was droning on about things I didn't care about.  I sat with my chin resting on my hand staring out the window at the trees in the courtyard.  It's now fall so the leaves were all bright fiery red and orange and hints of yellow here and there, it was beautiful and at the same time depressing.  Why is it that when something is dying or someone is psychotic, it's fascinating and beautiful?  I stared at the leaves falling and twirling about in the sky lost in thoughts of irony and loss.  About halfway through class, for some reason unknown to me we were walking across the courtyard, that I had been staring at only moments ago, to the middle school.  I looked around me at our class, which is very small.  My class only consists of 6 people, we're the advanced kids.  Sad the advanced kids are in such small numbers, personally I think it’s all the TV and video games today, it's slowing us all down and making us stupid.  Corrupting and poisoning society until it wears and tears us from the inside out making us lazy and branding us to all follow the crowd with its' subliminal messages of conformity and stupidity.; I sighed and moved on with my thoughts. I also looked around me at the scenery, it was damp and cloudy out which kind of was perfect for my mood.  The grass was weighed down by water and the streets were covered in puddles with dying leaves residing in them.  I shoved my hands in my worn out jean's pockets and continued at my slow pace, in silence with the rest of the class.  My jacket flapped around me as the wind steadily blew, strands of my hair blew in my face I did nothing but squint at their attacks. 

We all trudged along for a time before we reached the middle school.  I looked back from where we came as my class slowly filed in through the doors.  The grass was a bright, rich green and in it you could see where we marched across.  The grass was dead where we had stepped, leaving perfect imprints of our footsteps that was a striking contrast.  The trees continued to be in there prime of fall changes, though I didn't expect that to change any time soon.  Staring out at the scenery it was...weird.  I shrugged and turned around to catch up with my class.  I ran down the hall and then when I was back with them took up my normal walking stance shoving my hands back into my pockets.  We walked past a series of doors until we reached one that said School Therapy in black bold letters across the front.

 We all filed on in one after the other, sitting behind a big gray desk was a very young and attractive women.  She had pure blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and red lipstick that matched her red skirt and shirt assemble.  She looked up from her paperwork with a smile that reached her eyes and lit them up like the sun piercing the ocean on a brilliant afternoon.  Our teacher worked his way to her and they began talking quietly amongst themselves while the rest of the class did the same.  I stood in the corner of the room away from everybody and looked around; it wasn't a very large room.  There were bookshelves and posters cluttering half of the room, the other two walls met in the corner directly across from me and behind the two teachers.  Behind the woman she had three filing cabinets on each wall behind her desk.  The wall that led to the door was completely bare looking kind of out of place in the room, the other wall was a mismatch, it was like the other gray brick walls behind the filing cabinets, but once clear of them it turned into a wall of glass letting you have a courtside view of the basketball court, there was a boys pe class running around high-fiving each other mocking the opposing team.  There was another door that was all glass and led out into the hallway going into the gym.  I turned my attention back to the small room in which I was contained in, that's when I noticed, everything in the room was gray.  The walls were painted gray along with the desk and filing cabinets.  I looked down at my feet and sure enough the floor tiles were gray with black speckles in them, I scuffed the floor with my shoe and looked up.  One of the other girls in my glass was staring at me making it very clear that she disapproved of what I just did, letting me know I didn't belong.  I stared back at her making sure it was clear that I didn't care, funny how you can understand so much in just a simple look.

After what seemed like minutes after minutes the women in red left in a hurry and not too long after an announcement came on over the intercom letting a Mrs. Doyle know that she was needed in the school therapy room.  The women in red walked back in letting us all know it would only be a few moments, and with that she walked back over to her desk and sat down continuing to talk to our plain teacher.  Something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye, I turned and looked back towards the basketball court and there was a short plump women walking in our direction she was eyeing all of us through the glass as she bustled over to the glass door leading into our room.  She walked in introducing herself to everyone as the school's therapist.  She walked over to our teacher shaking hands and apologizing for the wait.

She looked out over our class asking us when the last time we all had a group therapy session in school was.  Everyone was confused mumbling and looking around at one another, no one not knowing what this new lady was talking about. 
"We're all seniors," I spoke up hoping she would catch my drift. 
"Aw, I see!  Well then let’s begin by grabbing chairs and setting them up in a half circle."  She set her papers down on the desk and walked over smiling to a stack of chairs next to the wall.  She grabbed a chair for each of the teachers and set up where they were going to be sitting at.  We students started to do the same, quietly grabbing our chairs and all waiting anxiously to find out what was in store for us.

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Short Story
writing Alexiskaylor
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