Lost Part 2

Rachel looked at her step-father with pure hatred in her eyes. "Get away from my mother." She told him. She knew he stood tall and wasn't going to let a teenager get the best of him. Her step-father looked down at her and grabbed her throat. "Don't tell me what to do you little brat." He threw her to the ground, right next to her mother. Her mother's eyes were wide in fear. She looks at me and holds me close and whispers. "Rachel, go to a friend's house. Okay?" Rachel nods and makes a run for the door. Her step-father chases after her, but Rachel was quicker. She runs for Alex's house, who lives right down the street. "Alex open the door please!" Alex opened the door, and sees her step-father coming. He pulls her inside and locks the door.

"He is on another of his rampages I'm guessing?" Alex asked, feeling concerned.

Rachel nodded and curled up by him, crying softly. As one of her friends, he comforted her. 

Alex's POV
It hurt me to see my best friend like this. Her step-father deserved the pain. The door busted open, "Rachel get your ass back here. Now!" 

I stood up and pushed her behind me. "Get out of my house." 

"Not without my daughter." He told me. 

I laid off and punched him, square in the mouth, "I said get out." 

"Fine." He leaves. 

Rachel's POV
I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Alex actually stood up for me. I was happy that he would do that for me. "Thank you Alex, for helping me." Alex looked at Rachel and nodded, "You're welcome Rachel, I will always help you out if you are in trouble." Rachel smiled at Alex and just hugged him tightly. He could feel her shaking though, scared of what is going to happen to her mother. "Can I stay here for a little bit Alex?" Alex nodded, "Of course Rachel."
-to be continued-

AlexczandraConentel   AlexczandraConentel wrote
on 6/28/2012 7:39:42 PM
Thank you

Short Story
writing AlexczandraConentel
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A girl, gets out of the house and away from her step father
A Word from the Writer
People younger than 13 should not read this, because it has a little bit of violence.
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