Noah - part I

“Where is this fricking guy?” Hannah asked me. “I don’t know,” I said truthfully, “The boss was very clear to me. He said: ‘At the corner of Mrs. Bakers jewelry shop and the Awesome Jones’ Barbershop, when the clock strikes two in the morning a man wearing a yellow coat will appear with a package. Your job is to accept the package and take care of the guy; he’s a liability to our operation.’ So here we are, at the corner of Mrs. Baker and Awesome Jones, but I haven’t seen a guy wearing a yellow coat yet.” Suddenly Hannah shrieked and nearly fell off the wooden box she was sitting on. Her shoulder long hazelnut hair hung in front of her ocean blue eyes and fine nose. She was rubbing her buttocks, but her hand got caught in a lace of her dark orange skirt, which fell nicely up to her knees. I noticed how the skirt matched perfectly with her light bluish sweatshirt. “What’re you staring at? Never seen a woman rubbing her ass, because she fell?” Vincent poked me. “Come on dude, stop staring at her. We’ll both get in trouble,” he finished with a laugh. “I didn’t fall, ya dimwit. The bottom box just cracked all of a sudden. Don’t you dare make fun of my weight,” she warned Vincent. He stared blankly at her and nodded.


“Anyway, I know what the boss said. But, it’s ten to three already! This guy probably figured out that we’re here to,” She couldn’t finish her sentence. A sword was sticking out of her throat. She feebly grasped at the sword and fell forward. Three guys in yellow coats were standing there. The one in the middle had an awful grin on his face. “They call me Gee Rin. I believe I have a package for you,” he said. Suddenly he gripped his sword a little tighter and came straight at me and Vince. I ducked. I saw the blade vanish into Vincent’s stomach. I ran. I cried like a little girl, but I kept running. I have to go back, I thought. I have to avenge my friends and kill the bastards. But, I couldn’t. I was too scared. I have to keep running. I’m not allowed to get caught. I turned left at the fork in the road. I knew this road. It was the creepiest road in town, or that’s what Hannah called it. Tears started welling up again. Hannah.


There was only a single lantern on in the street. It gave a perfect view of the event that was unfolding beneath it. Two ferrets were fighting a single raven. Although one of the ferrets was nearly dead, he was still trying to crawl towards the other one, as if it could still help him somehow. I ran past the scene, hoping none of them would notice me. I didn’t want to get involved in any more deaths. I heard the cry from the sole survivor of the event. I stopped and looked back. It seemed like the dying ferret swung himself towards the raven and smothered him with his dying body. The live one, which had peculiar red and black marking along it’s body, was trying to drag his buddy from out under the raven. It was futile. He didn’t have the strength. My resolve strengthened that day, I’m sure. I ran back to help the little guy. I’ll never forget the look he gave me; after that he collapsed. I couldn’t leave him there, so I hoisted him on my shoulder and cradled the dead one in my arms while I ran. I ran from everything that day. My house, my friends, my job and my life. I named the ferret Vance, in memory of my two friends. We buried his friend outside of town and left that very same day. Off to a new beginning.

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Short Story
writing Aerugo
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First short story involving the new character 'Noah'. I have great plans for this guy, but I have to start somewhere.