How To Clean Up Social Media Profiles For Successful Job Search

We’re all living in the digital era which became a significant part of our lives. Nowadays, it’s hardly possible to find a person, not using the Internet and social media particularly. But did you know that the way you fill up your social media page can directly affect your successful employment? 

That’s not a secret that the majority of hiring managers usually look through the potential employees’ pages in order to get to know the person better. 

Social life in your web-profile that can tell enough about you, starting from interests, hobbies, finishing the personal beliefs and engagement status. For this reason, some people decide to change the information themselves and write job applications on their own. Others consider resume help NYCto find the best writers offering expert assistance with creating theprofessional resume on the web. 

Thus, we’ve prepared a list of tips which will help you understand what aspects are to be changed. 

Global Search 

Maybe, the simplest and the most common thing HR managers do is searching the information about a person on the Internet. One of the first things you can do to check the information about yourself is to input your name and surname in a search bar of Google, Yahoo etc. 

There you’ll get possible results which can tell some info about you. It’ll be better for you to look through several pages of search. Thus, you will be sure that you hadn’t missed any information. Also, we recommend checking the photos which are connected with your name in the search process. Any awful photos from the parties or those including inappropriate content can seriously harm your reputation. 

Photos and Posts 

After you have checked the info in a search, it’s time to move on to the social media websites. The first thing all users see while visiting the profile is the photo of it. Make sure your photos look good – delete all the unsuccessful photos, picturesfrom the events like parties and some other stuffyou don’t want HR managers to look at.

One more thing to consider is the posts. Check them. Delete the posts which include foul language, your opinion on religion, politics, racial views. It’d be preferable for you to post about up-to-date events and news, your hobbies, music or movies, books. 

Look through your profile again. Does it look like it should be? If you were an employer, would you hire a person with such social media profile? If you answered «Yes», then good job, you have put enough effort to make an appealing profile. 

Access and Privacy 

While using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn the setting can be easily changed. And you may change your privacy settings too. It won’t take you much time and you’ll likely get the result which you’ll like.  For instance, you can restrict the list of people who can browse your posts, pages you follow or even photos you’re marked as well. 

Professional and Private 

For our readers, we can also suggest an idea of using several profiles where one can be working and another one - for your private life. For example, you can use another surname in order to be available for communication with friends and relatives. 

And the last and must be the most fundamental tip which will be really useful for Millennials. Use the social media. Thus, hiring managers will easily understand that you can use modern means of communication without any difficulty. 

We hope that the tips from our article will help you. Wish you good luck!

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