'Ghosts, Ghosts and More Ghosts'
'Ghosts, Ghosts and More Ghosts'

A wise seasoned parapsychologist use to say, 'some of my best friends are ghosts!' 'Really?" I thought to myself. That is quite a statement and one showing bravery and understanding of the unknown. To have come to the point in one's investigative and curious life to feel that way, must have a hidden meaning underneath.

Perhaps this individual as many others may also feel that sometimes ghosts are better to hang around then some humans. I wouldn't doubt it as I wouldn't doubt anything in the occult and paranormal. Oh there are topics I snicker at because that's my opinion, but on the whole I don't joke about the dead and beyond. I don't joke about what happens when we pass also known as crossing over.

I believe Jon Edwards really coined that term when his show was picked up. Something magical happens when the soul detaches from the body and whisks off into an invisible realm where it can eventually go back and forth between Earth and the Afterlife world. Those are spirits who were lucky enough to peacefully leave their once human existence to go on and continue another way of living.  However, for those trapped by terrible causes of death, causes whether they created or was put onto them without warning or hope of survival, become the walking dead.

These pour souls are the ghosts I speak of. Society is very wrapped up in the notion of 'well, if you can't see it then it doesn't exist!' Just like if we don't look at the car accident as were driving by, it didn't happen and there will not be a terrible impression made upon us. Unfortunately life does not work that way.  You have to look at some point and you may not like what you see. How an individual processes a difficult situation depends and everyone has to do it their own way. So, when one comes across a ghost or a haunting which always leads to a ghost, there are many questions and openings to be explained and answered.

Paranormal investigators are also called PI's, parapsychologist's, scientists, ghost hunters, ghost chasers call them what you will, all aim for the same goal. They are all after the same thing...ghosts, ghosts and more ghosts. With todays' technology in the ghost hunting business, it certainly has paved an easier path for those forming their own societies, groups and organizations to document real material of the existence of ghosts. This material coming in the form of EVP's, Filming, Motion Detectors, Temperature Readings and Digital anything. But, the one thing that any ghost hunter and medium will come across, is something that no piece of equipment could ever pick up on.

There is that sensation, feeling and uneasiness that something or someone is in that room with you. A dense space of cold thick air surrounds your entire being and you can't breath. You can't move and you don't know how to react.  Somehow your thankful your not alone on your hunting because this feeling regardless of your experience and gadgets, is very personal and can be very dangerous. There are evils that do exist as well as good. When you purposely walk into an environment where you know there is an entity waiting, perhaps more then one, be prepared to feel. 

Brace yourself as this ghost was once of the living. Just knowing what it was like to be a person and now stuck between their old world and a place where they can't call home is sad. Some ghosts just don't want to go and therefore will roam the earth forever never at peace.  Some ghosts are not ghosts at all and the evil that I speak of. And some ghosts are happy to move along with your assistance, as they were waiting for your arrival to release them. 

Can you begin to imagine what these lost souls must even experience? Stop for a moment with all the investigative research and think, is it possible they feel but differently then when once alive? There's anger when you hear some EVP recordings as there is kindness in messages in EVP recordings. Based on that theory, I would have to lean in the direction of yes, they feel. So, going on that then imagine what torture it must be like to linger confused, disoriented and stuck in a rut.

For those ghosts that experience this, they are the saddest ones of all. For the evil that purposely wants to stay in our environment, they must go for no good can come of their roaming about. Ghosts are what I feel most of us do not want to become when we cross over. But, we can't be in charge of our destiny's in the 'how to die well department,' unless we bring that on ourselves. And even then, I feel that was predestined as well.

If you believe there is a God or a higher source at work, then you'll understand we have free will and accept that we must accept our fated paths. That is why it is crucial to live each and every day to the fullest and be kind to your family, friends, children, pets and communities'.  Let the person in-front of you pass while driving to the store. Don't be pushy in line and wait your turn, even if the person ahead of you maybe 1000 years old. You'll get there eventually. We all get there eventually, it just depends on what is meant to be for each of us. And I hope none of you including myself become ghosts, trapped here bidding a time which ticks and tocks forever. Always be well-Alexandra Holzer

bookserpent   bookserpent wrote
on 4/24/2008 11:10:24 PM
...fated paths...

danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
on 4/24/2008 6:41:36 PM
I would not want to be stuck here either. If you believe in a higher place as I do I hope to be there as soon as heavenly possible, once I make the transition from life to death, that is and not a second sooner.

Mike Firesmith   Mike Firesmith wrote
on 4/24/2008 4:47:28 AM
we have free will and accept that we must accept our fated paths. Can we have free will if we also have fated paths?

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