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Member Name Tony Anderson
Date of Birth 05/17/1980
Gender Male
Location Humansville Missouri
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    • I grew up on a farm. I am a 1999 highschool grad. I like to write all sorts of stuff. I am not a big talker

        • Mostly I read alot of stuff by Dean Koontz, and alot of Sherlock Holmes. Other than that I read what I find of interest. That could range from Stephen King to Walt Whitman

        • Comedies mostly. Howevere I do like drama movies every so often. One of my faves is "The Shawshank Redemption"

        • I listen to alot of classic rock and country. I also listen to contemperary Christrian music. Other than that your house, your car, your music

        • Do not watch a whole lot of TV. Though I do like "The Simpsons", "King of the Hill", "Extreme Makeover Home Edition", and "Deal or No Deal"

        • "The Peanuts" are really big with me. Who did not grow up reading them in the paper. I also like "For Better or For Worse", "Get Fuzzy", Family Circus", and "Zits". "Calvan and Hobbs" and "The Fox Trot" are also good.

        • I read all kinds of poetry. From the classics to moderen.

        • I only read Local papers

        • Myspace, Hotmail, Google, and whatever I happen to fall on

        • Do not have any

        • Do not forever be lost in the past. However use your past to prepare for your future.

          Life is not always easy, the trick is to take one day as it comes and do the best we can with that.

          Never stop believing in yourself, you maybe surprised at how far you go.

          Never loose the child inside for to do so is to loose the very core of who you are.

        • Writing mostly I am always coming up with somethin. I also like a good book or being outdoors.

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      virginiaswemedmonds   virginiaswemedmonds wrote
      on 6/9/2008 1:48:42 PM
      Me, again...You have talent. Write the little blue marshmellow out of your life and focus on a family of S'mores. Really, what can a little blue marshmellow do? They are sticky, they bloat when you put them in the microwave on high(amazing how they explode) they do get mildew on them if you leave them unattended for time time, if you freeze them they tend to smoosh altogether and have a marshmellow orgie. Have you ever tried to get marshmellow out of your hair? The only thing they are good for is this...floating endlessly on top of hot chocolate when it's cold outside. Jeni E.

      virginiaswemedmonds   virginiaswemedmonds wrote
      on 6/8/2008 10:47:01 PM
      Try this one...Life is full of joy, our best... deal with it the best way we know how. Something good will come out of everything bad. In our darkest moments we can light one candle and shed light on something, some one, perhaps the next day. Hanging is there is part of life, it's the treads that we choose that keeps us from falling. Jeni E.

      Tony   Tony wrote
      on 5/1/2008 2:11:55 PM
      Life is full of pain. the best we can do is deal with it day by day, and hope something good comes out of it. For even in our darkest moments can turn into our brightest of triumphs if we just hang in there and keep pushing forward.

writing Tony
Hi, How are you doing.
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