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Member Name Margaret Randall
Date of Birth 01/01/1975
Gender Female
Location California
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    • Born and raised in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Margaret Randall has always enjoyed an enthusiasm for writing. A graduate of the Journalism school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, her first job was reporting news and feature stories for a local newspaper. Later she moved to public relations work and marketing before making a transition into more technical writing for the financial services industry. She started the website, TellOurLifeStories in 2007 because of her long-time interest in hearing and writing life stories.
      "Our stories define us, they tell who we are and where we came from," she says. "Our stories also help us to preserve the memories of our loved ones. I once asked my grandma what her life was like growing up. She told me about Milwaukee as it was at the turn of the century, horses instead of cars, great fields and farms instead of suburban acres. Years later, my mother elaborated. My great-grandmother left her husband because he was a drinker. That was unheard of in the Polish Catholic neighborhoods of South Milwaukee. They moved far away, which in those days was only about five blocks from where they had been, but it was a different parish, different priest, different neighbors. I was glad to know these things. If my mom hadn't told me that story, how would I have known my great-grandmother had such character and raised a family of five children all by herself in those days. It is important to preserve these stories so that they are not lost."
      Margaret currently lives in Northern California, but makes frequent visits back to the Midwest

        • Gone with the Wind, Little Women, The Secret Life of Bees

        • Something's Gotta Give

        • Van Morrison, Beatles, Earl Klugh, Ry Cooder

        • Writing, Gardening, Cooking, Hiking, Eating Chocolate

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writing sfstorylady
Our stories define us, they tell who we are and where we come from. Our stories also help us to preserve the memories of our loved ones. It is important to preserve your stories so that they are not lost.
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