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Member Name Sandee Watkins
Date of Birth 10/07/1963
Gender Female
Location Alabama
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    • Hi, my name is Sandee Watkins, and at 46 years of age I self-published my first romance novel entitled "From Afar..." through, my dream come true! Three months later I again self-published another romance novel entitled "The Back-Up" through the same company.

      I am an Alabama native. I'm blessed to have been married to the same wonderful man for nearly 28 years, and we share two sons; one grown 25 yr old, and one (thinks he's grown) 15 yr old.

      About five years ago, I got so sick of Soaps; what with their never ending infedelities, and resurections of the dead, I went cold turkey and started writing my own stories. At first my stories were just for me, to keep me busy during the slow times at work and to keep my brain working. After I had FINALLY finished my first story, I gave it to my best friend to take a look at. She LOVED it! From that moment on I have been writing different variations of romance; some funny, some dramatic, but ALL romance. I have written a total of six stories, although- with work getting in my way, I've only been able to get two to the table and have them published. I'm really hoping that someone will read them, and offer me a contract one day. I was offered a contract through one publisher, but after doing some investigating, discovered they would publish ANYONE with ANYTHING they submitted i.e. garbled mess that made no sense, therefore I declined their offer.

      "From Afar..." Is a light-hearted, fun read, with spicy romance sprinkled in- sure to make you smile; while "The Back-Up" is a contemporary romance story. "The Bandit" is a romantic comedy, "Alabama Sunset" is a full length, contemporary romance, as is "A Sevier Love.

      My books can be ordered in paperback from, from my website, and in the Kindle format at in the Kindle Store - key word Sandee Watkins for $0.99, For Nook at for $0.99

        • Lee Child - Jack Reacher series, J.D. Robb - Eve Dallas series, Iris Johansen - Eve Duncan/Jane McGuire series. David Baldachi, Erica Spindler, Carl Henegan and too many others to mention.

        • "A day without Romance, Is a day without Love, And we all need a little of Both, Everyday" ~ Sandee Watkins

        • Every month I donate $1.00 per paperback/$0.50 per Kindle version of title to a different charitable organization. Since doing so I have helped benefit The American Red Cross (Nashville, Tn. Flood) The American Cancer Society, The Alabama Wildlife Federation (B. P. Oil Spill) and currently (September 2010) The Muscular Dystrophy Association.

      BellaLuna   BellaLuna wrote
      on 12/17/2010 2:48:54 PM
      I definitely see what I can do. I'm not on facebook. Would you be against an email exchange possibly? I have some questions I would love to ask you. If not i totally understand. Thanks a million, and I wish you all the luck!

      Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
      on 8/20/2010 9:48:52 PM
      Thank you! :)

writing sandee_ye
"From Afar..." published April 1, 2010 Lulu Publishing genre- Romance
This title is available in Paperback, as well as Kindle format.

"The Back-Up" published July 1, 2010 Lulu Publishing genre- Romance
Currently available in Paperback, as well as Kindle format on and Nook format on

"The Bandit" published January 15, 2011 Lulu Publishing genre- Romantic Comedy
Currently available in Kindle & Nook formats on and and also in paperback at

"Alabama Sunset" Full Romance novel, Published April 2011 Lulu Publishing genre-Romance
Currenty available in Kindle & Nook formats on and, also in paperback through

"A Sevier Love" published September 2011 Lulu Publishing genre-Romance
Currently available in Kindle & Nook formats and also paperback.
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