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Member Name alan
Date of Birth 05/23/1961
Gender Male
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    • misunderstood man of contradictions. examples: work in HR but don't trust most people, consider myself an agnostic but still superstitious and read my horoscope. Typical Gemini I suppose.

      if i am what i eat (or drink) then i am any take-out, chocolate, espresso and ale/beer.

      also identify myself as a cuban american from union city, nj NOT Miami (there is a difference!)
      being cuban i'm melancholy much of the time (its inherent in our culture) but as you can see in my picture i keep on smiling !!

        • More non fiction the last several years. Currently reading a book about the history of physics, before a book on Road Side attractions, before that a book of poems by Ch. Bukowski, various books on philosophy and biographies. No particular authors although i did like updike, flannery o'connor, fitzgerald and styron back in the day when i thought i could make a difference in the literary world. have enjoyed Kerouac -- has to be the road tripping !

        • everything from captain america to a set of movies from 2004 to 2006 (there will be blood, sideways, juno, before the devil knows you're dead, lost in translation (i related to bill murray's character), the savages) also more recently win win , woody allen (revisited), any samurai movie (13 assassins), brother where art thou, classics too including one flew over the cuckoo's nest, it's a wonderful life and shane "prove it"...cry at just about anything .. it's ridiculous. even in action films. I can find the "heart" of a film in any one of them. i can go on and on when it comes to films. thoroughly enjoyed the wrestler, the fighter, black swan too. and more recently social network - saw it 4 times THEN WENT HOME AND DEACTIVATED MY FACEBOOK account -- go figure.

          i will say that films i enjoy include a road trip. and "Sideways" is probably the film i've watched most. unfortunately i relate to the main character Miles Raymond :(...

        • Weezer,Foo Fighters, Led Zep, Muse, Death Cab for Cutie. that's now-used to like a whole lot of other stuff over the years including a bunch of rock & alternative bands from the '90's. again i can go on and on. oh i forgot gin blossoms and ac/dc. and the beatles of course...see what i mean?

          frustrated rocker/lyricist myself. although people do say i have a bit of talent with lyrics.
          have strummed the guitar, faked the piano and did bang the drums pretty well.

        • favorite has to be a cartoon "samurai jack". again a bit of an alter ego and it kind of a roadtrip show.
          watch episodes almost every night on DVD before i go to bed. love the music and the colors and the animation. live action - right now - big bang, dexter, chuck, parks and rec. have my dvd collection of all those golden HBO shows - the wire and deadwood. (visited south dakota back in 2009!)

        • captain america and batman depending on my mood

        • internet and local Bergen Record and for kicks the daily news of nyc.

        • My 3 sons (boys to men already). and then the standard . . . Lincoln, Jefferson.

        • "it's a sick world, i'm a happy man" - can't recall name of comic. "everything's hormonal" - me.
          "the devil is in the details"

        • too much said already

        • movies, dining out, roadtrips, long walks in the park or on big city streets, or by the water (eclectic that way). I also like to ride ferries. Strange my attraction to the water given the fact I don't swim.

        • human resources manager -- ever see the Cat in Dilbert ?

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writing roadtripper523
HI ! and if you're new to this site Welcome. if you've read anything i've submitted please COMMENT. Honestly, its all more therapy than art. I'd call myself a hack but i don't expect to make money from any of this. Always looking for ideas, inspiration, and conversation by way of writings. hopefully offering something good to read as well. we shall see.
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