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Member Name Robert Hanon
Date of Birth 05/06/1959
Gender Male
Location California
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    • I am a native Californian who has spent the last several decades not saying "dude" at the beginning of any conversation. But teaching college students hasn't helped much. I have a BA in Theatre/Television yet never got into the industry until way later as a storyboard artist.

      I have worked as in comic books as a illustrator and writer and at one point I was and editor. Then I stumbled into video games as a animator and designer which was fun and I found that drinking espresso coffee and a hand full of chocolate covered espresso beans at the same time made your eyes glow. This is helpful when reading at night without a lamp.

      Now I am an instructor at an art college teaching conceptual storytelling and storyboarding.

      As for why I am here, it is to fulfill my oldest desire; next to having a coffee with Robin Williams and Stephan King, being a writer/novelist.

        • Edgar Rice Burroughs
          Edgar Allen Poe
          William Shakespeare
          Rex Stout
          Erle Stanley Gardner
          Mickey Spillane
          Robert E. Howard
          Douglas Adams
          Stephen King
          Dean Koontz
          Neil Gaiman
          Terry Prechartt
          (to name but a fraction of those I read and re-read)

        • Wizard of Oz
          The Great Race
          The Original Pink Panther with Peter Sellars
          The complete Thin Man series
          Any Robin Williams film (even Popeye)

          .... and so many more

        • Castle
          Lie To Me, Bones
          Doctor Who (from 1972 to now)
          Brit Coms
          The History Channel
          Ghost Whisperer
          Destination Truth
          Night Gallery (Original)
          Twilight Zone (do I need explaion this one!?!)
          Outer Limits (See above)
          The Avengers (yup, I am that old)
          The Prisoner (I told you I am that old, okay)

        • My father and my grandfather at the top of the list, Douglas Adams as a writer and Robin Williams as comic genius

        • Favorite quote: Time is an illusion, and lunchtime doubly so.

        • Roadtrips that start early in the morning with hot chocolate and doughnuts. Whenever my dad took my brother and I on trips camping or out to the desert to dirt bike, it was pre-dawn and we'd stop on the way at a Winchell's Dounuts to get breakfast. It is just a warm memory of him that I keep up today.

      rlhanon   rlhanon wrote
      on 4/10/2011 11:58:13 PM
      Currently I am working on a short story for submission to a contest. The story is part of a larger group of like stories for an anthology for submission as a book. I am enjoying it so much they are writing themselves. It is giving me the same high I felt creatively as a cartoonist and illustrator.

      rlhanon   rlhanon wrote
      on 4/2/2011 11:58:24 AM
      I am excited to have found this place for creative minds of a kindred focus. I look forward to the information and the chance to fulfill a dream I had since I was ten years old.

writing rlhanon
Life, liberty and the search for a good tax write-off!
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