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Member Name Ronald Ayers
Date of Birth 01/03/1948
Gender Male
Location Blue Island, IL
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    • I am the publisher and editor of Aegis Publishing House. Aegis Publishing House is devoted to the publishing of creative short stories in the mystery, suspense and horror genres. Aegis Publishing House also publishes ebooks.

      Aegis Publishing House also publishes an online news magazine, the Aegis Chronicle.

        • Mystery novels, and mystery short stories intrest me. My favorite author is: Richard Wright author of Native Son.

        • My favorite movie is The Wild Bunch. Of course, I like Sam Pekcinpaugh's work. The Godfather series ranks among my favorites. And, an old Marlon Brandon classic: Reflections In A Golden Eye.

        • I love classical music. Betheevon is my favorite. Motzart is good as i Vivaldo. Blues is wonderful, but also a dyiBng genre in so far as the black community is concerned. Muddy Waters, Bobby "Blue" Bland, B. B. King to name a few.

        • Barney Miller, The Golden Girls, Law and Order.

        • I read and loved the Nancy comic strip. The Blonde comic strip was good. I like editorial cartoons that comment on politics and current events.

        • Poetry is not my thing.

        • I read the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune.

        • Avante Garde Social Networ:

        • Mother Theresa. Pope Benedict XVI, Mother Angelica.

        • There are only two kind of people in the world. Those who talk, and those who do.

          Source: Unknown

        • I love westerns. For me the greates western ever made is: The Wild Bunch--Directed by Sam Peckinpaugh. The Cowboys starring John Wayne is also a great western.

        • Reading mystery novels, Chess, photography.

      Conflicteddreamer   Conflicteddreamer wrote
      on 8/3/2013 6:58:37 AM
      Have you heard about the Den of Amateur Writing? That's where I am. I don't post on this website anymore because every time I do, my writing comes out as one big block of text.

      Conflicteddreamer   Conflicteddreamer wrote
      on 8/3/2013 6:56:05 AM
      Hi Ronald! How have you been? Are you still looking for a short story writer?

writing rayers
Creative writing is my only intrest.
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