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Member Name Alice J. Byrd
Date of Birth 08/04/1993
Gender Female
Location Wasilla, AK, USA
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    • My name is Rachel. My pen name is Alice J. Byrd, because there are too many Rachel Clarks out there. I'm 15 and I live in Alaska. I'm a vegetarian, a feminist, and an American. I'm on a journey to figure out this thing called Life, and through the poetry I create I hope to share my journey with you.

        • I'm a big fan of Harry Potter and Twilight (I'm kind of a nerd..), and I love reading books of all kinds.

        • Some of my favorite movies are Edward Scissorhands, Moulin Rouge, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, The Notebook, Blades of Glory, and many, many others.

        • I LOVE MUSIC....enough said.

        • South Park, Family Guy, Heroes, SNL, L.A. Ink, Miami Ink, The Office...etc. These are usually the shows I watch when I actually have time to WATCH TV. I'm not that big of a TV watcher, really.

        • I absolutely love reading and writing poetry. Some of my favorite poets are Dan Brown, Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Billy Collins, Rachel Kann and many others. I also love reading books - from romance to fiction to nonfiction, I'll read it. =)

        • I surf the web quite a bit... I have a blog where I post my poetry: Feel free to stop by for a visit!

        • My heroes are those who do not shy from speaking the truth, whether it be in spoken words or in writing.

        • "I don't mind being in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it." - Marilyn Monroe

        • Just because I'm 15 doesn't mean you shouldn't be honest with me when it comes to the quality of my poems. I encourage constructive criticism, as long as you aren't hateful about it (don't say things like: "You suck. Stop writing"). If you don't like my poetry, please tell me why.

        • Reading, writing, art, acting, dancing, music, nature, swimming.

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