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Member Name Catherine Marshall
Date of Birth 01/07/1990
Gender Female
Location Wisconsin
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    • I am a young aspiring writer who can't wait to start writing books and novels. I am working on advancing my skills in the Administrative field before I begin writing books and novels; I am setting up my foundation.

      At twenty-two years old I think I have accomplished more than an average person my age. I graduated from high school with a 3.75 GPA; I always tried to challenge myself and push myself to learn as much as possible. I graduated with 32 credits above the average 25 credits. After high school I applied at the newspaper and had a wonderful opportunity to fulfill one of my dreams of working at a live newspaper. I worked part time for a year and a half and was presented an opportunity I couldn't pass up working as the Administrative Assistant/Receptionist for a general contracting company The Samuels Group, Inc.

      Now it's time to begin the next chapter in my life. Beginning to follow my heart, goals and dreams. Take some time to travel, pay off my debts, and finally begin to writing my own books. I would love to write a series of books targeting teens and young adults who need something or someone to relate to. As far as situations to look at and know that they are not the only one's who have to make hard decision when growing up and making choices to get themselves somewhere. I didn't exactly have the best upbringing and would love to share my experiences with the world.

      So, it's time to begin. <3

        • By far my favorite author is Joseph Wambaugh. I love his blunt style of writing. My favorite book by him is The Blooding. A few other authors that I like are Dan Koontz, Anne Rice, and Elizabeth Lowell. They are my inspiration.

        • I am into musicals hard core. I love the Moulin Rouge, Rent, Across the Universe, those are my favorite modern musicals, and my Old Favorites are Singing in the Rain, Bell Boy, anything will Fred Astaire or Shirly Temple.

        • I love to listen to everything, but lately I have been getting into folksy kind of music. My favorite artists include Slipknot, Prince, Scarlett Johanson, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Amy Lee, The Wreckers, Duffy, The Cranberries, Senses Fail, a local band Poney, another local band Disease Called Man and a whole ton more but I would use up like three pages.

        • My favorite show of all time is Gilmore Girls. Other than that I love reality t.v. and House

        • Laurell K. Hamilton is my favorite comic writer. I love her Anita Blake series of comic books. They are to die for!

        • Washington Journal, Chicago Sun Times, Milwaukee Journal, City Pages in Wausau, New York Post, and not really sure which other ones.

        • My Samuel, the adoptive Parents of my Son, Chris Valitchka and Shannon Young

        • "When your work speaks for itself, don't interupt." "The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour." "Nothing great was ever achieved without passion."

        • Writing, drawing, taking walks, cleaning, singing, sewing, and hangin out with friends.

        • Education & Training:
          Globe University – Wausau Campus
          1480 County XX
          Rothschild, WI 54474
          GPA: 3.56
          Enrolled since April 2011
          Part-time student in the Business Administration program

          Honors & Activities:
          • IAAP – Wausau Chapter Professional Member
          • Student Ambassador for Globe University since 2010
          • 8 hours of Volunteer Service at The Salvation Army – Wausau Corps.
          • 15 hours of Volunteer Service for The Emerging Leaders – United Way of Marathon County
          Helped to renovate the Spencer Kids Group space in Spencer Wisconsin
          • Badger Girls State Summer 2007

          Moderate Computer Skills
          •Microsoft Office Programs 2007 & 2010
          •Open Office
          •Macintosh Photoshop
          •Peachtree Accounting
          •Account Edge
          •AIA Software
          •Primavera –Expedition
          •Spectrum Accounting
          •Adobe Acrobat

          Work Experience:

          Administrative Assistant/Receptionist/Project Administrator - July 2010/Present
          The Samuels Group Inc.
          311 Financial Way, Suite 300
          Wausau, WI 54401
          Phone: 715.842.2222
          Brief Description as Administrative Assistant/Receptionist:
          •keep kitchen stocked
          •direct all calls
          •update all phone and project listings
          •order office supplies
          •organize mail and faxes
          •create final PDF copies of contracts using AIA software
          •address building issues
          •take staff meeting minutes and distribute
          •order and separate all clothing orders, maintain Samuels Group clothing store and inventory
          •track safety hours
          •administrative support to departments as needed

          Brief Description as Project Administrator:
          •print out all project closing documents
          •scan, print and send out plans and specification manuals for each project attained
          •keep track of owner contracts
          •take notes for meetings and create minutes
          •send out Subcontracts for each project

          Additional responsibilities include:
          Check the building fire extinguishers monthly
          Address any temperature control issues in the building by calling Complete Control and making changes in Insights, a software program designed to maintain building temperature control and air pressure.

          Leadership Roles:
          President of Positive Growth Team – a committee designed to motivate all employees to as one team, plan team building events throughout the year. This leadership role includes creating a weekly agenda, run and keep meetings productive. Be a representative and communication liaison between management and employees.

          Event planning Includes researching venues, put together a formal report with pricing to present to management team, choosing a catering company. Create and send invitations.

          Helped to plan and run annual United Way Campaign. Created an entire week’s worth of activities to raise money as a company to donate to the United Way of Marathon County.

          Administrative Assistant - September 2008/May 2010
          City Pages, Inc.
          300 Third Street
          Wausau, WI 54402
          Phone: 715.845.5171
          Fax: 715.848.5887

          Brief Description:
          •retrieve and organize mail and faxes
          •order office supplies
          •enter listings into big guide and edit
          •send out subscriptions
          •organize ads every week for sales staff
          •enter bills into Account Edge, print checks for bills, send out in a timely manner
          •archive old issues
          •clean office every other weekend

          Serve Staff/Hostess/Certified Trainer/Togo Specialist/Expeditor - April 2007/October 2010
          Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill
          2221 Stewart Avenue
          Wausau, WI 54401

          Brief Description as a Server:
          •introduce menu
          •present best options to benefit guests restaurant experience
          •exceed guest expectations
          •keep up with side work
          •keep section clean and sanitary

      Jan   Jan wrote
      on 8/14/2009 7:56:36 PM's jwryt from before..i've created a new account and deleted the first new penname now is Jan..hope you'd reaccept my friend request..have a great day!

      WAN   WAN wrote
      on 6/30/2009 7:31:59 AM
      Hi Catherine:) Thanks for loving that poem. Im glad you liked it. Have a nice day! Hugs, Wan

      WAN   WAN wrote
      on 6/29/2009 4:26:58 AM
      Hi:) I wrote a poem "Birds" and it is dedicated to you as one of my friends in this website:) Hope you will read it guys. Thanks for being my friends...Have a great day!

      WAN   WAN wrote
      on 6/24/2009 11:04:39 AM
      thanks for accepting my friend request:) have a nice day!

writing prettyflower1_73
"Nothing great has ever been achieved without Passion."
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