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Member Name sherry golding
Gender Female
Location orpington
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    • I was born in England, but my father took us, my family, to Rhodesia during its pointless and illogical war. I was sent to boarding school in Bulawayo and was in the Bulawayo athletic championships. I also trained in karate and kung fu during childhood, loved writing and had many African friends where we shared adventures and true friendship.
      I enjoyed history, classical music, writing from my heart and being alone. I studied Taoism and adored Jesus. I am an introvert.
      was raised in then Rhodesia during the illogical madness of war and religion. I attended school in Bulawayo and was in the athletic championships. I also started karate and kung fu during childhood. I loved writing from my heart and am an introverted. I enjoy being alone. I look after my mother because my dad died recently.
      I love nature, Taoism, Jesus, Gandhi, star trek and comedy.
      I studied creative writing at open university and also youth work. I have a lovely daughter and four naughty cats.

      I have had several pieces published in combat magazine relating to kung fu, and a children story called `The sparrow` in the Echo in Liverpool. Also several pieces in SF zines and I used to write star trek stories for star trek zines.
      I was awarded an award in the talent contest at the West Wickham methodist church on a story about an African spirit.
      I am currently in self publishing on Amazon and working on a novel set in then Rhodesia which is a drama.
      I studied at the open university and have a diploma in lit and creative writing.

        • Anything sentimental and classical like Charles Dickens

        • Thorn birds, Kung fu, Bonanza, According to Jim, Vicar of Dibley, Star trek and Star wars

        • Bee Gees, country music like Dolly Parton, Beetles, and pan pipe music.

        • Vicar of Dibley, Star trek

        • none

        • Sonnets of WW1

        • Daily mail, sun

        • not sure

        • Gandhi, Jesus

        • Rudyard Kiplings `Forgiveness free of evil done-`

        • country walks, classical and victorian art, cats, animals, nature

        • Writing stories

        • I studied creative writing and lit at the open university and gained a diploma. I studied youth work and childcare and gained qualifications.

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