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Member Name Cindy Eve
Date of Birth 04/23/1955
Gender Female
Location London
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    • Mother, sister, aunty, great-aunt, sister-in-law, daughter and a baby boomer :).
      I have a passion for travel and love nothing more (besides meeting my daughter for tea and cake or chatting to her on the phone) than to pack my bags in preparation of another trip. I also love to write about my travels and regale my long-suffering family with lengthy emails about what I did and where I went (almost a blow-by-blow account)...which drives them mad. I also love to photograph things and have masses of photos which I occassionally post to twitter/facebook/flickr or wordpress, depending on which site I am on at the time.
      I am an adventurer, call myself a world-traveller, I love networking and connecting with people around the world and enjoy sharing interesting information or wacky/weird facts via my blog.
      I look forward to meeting people on this site who also enjoy sharing their stories!
      I wish you a great day and a wonderful year ahead.

        • One of my passions is reading and I am almost forever buried nose deep in a book. I love crime thrillers, murder mysteries, stories both factual and non about WW2 (I wanted to be a spy), and enjoy interesting historial stories. My current enjoyment is personal development books and my favourite author is Dr John Demartini.
          I have a few other favourites on amazon:
          The Alchemist (a fabulous book) by Paolo Coelho
          The Purpose of your Life, Carol Adrienne
          Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach
          and of course books by Richard Branson who is just the most coolest guy I know. wish I had his business brain!!!

        • I love all genre of movies: my current favourite of course ia Avatar, just brilliant.
          I loved all the Lord of the Rings series and the earlier Harry Potter.
          I enjoy a good murder mystery, something with a twist in the tale, and of course WW2 movies. I enjoyed The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman who is totally one of my favourite actors, and in fact anything with him in it I have probably seen.
          There are so many movies I have loved that I would need pages to list them, so I won't!

        • have you got all day? no! well then my top two favourites:
          It's My Life - Bon Jovi
          What is Love - Haddaway
          ok three favourites
          Life (will never be the same) - Haddaway

        • CSI, NCIS, anything with narrated by David Attenborough. Currently the nature series on BBC2, also love Silent Witness and The Bill. most travel and nature programmes

        • Garfield

        • Cemanthe Harries (my daughter)
          Caroline Mouton (my sister)
          this is quite difficult really since it has to be about the poem, so I have many favourites

        • mmmm, my own of course :)
 is a favourite - personal development
 great quotes
 - life coaching
 - photography

        • My mother (Marjorie Joy)
          My daughter
          Nelson Mandela
          Richard Branson
          Dr John Demartini (although he would not appreciate me saying so - if you knew him you would know why)

        • my favourite is : 'If it is to be, it is up to me'... I forget who wrote it.
          I love most of Jim Rohn's quotes
          "Investment in knowledge, pays the best interest." Abraham Lincoln.
          I have many great quote which I love and find inspiring. if you go to my blog I have many of them listed there.

        • I love little things, like babies and kittens, puppies and birds. I get much enjoyment from watching nature go about her business and I just love the snow.
          I am passionate about Britain and Love Italy.
          My goal is to enpower women to become financially free, and to provide displaced children with the necessities of life; like love and a home and education.
          I have a zest for life and am game to try anything once, especially adventure sports that give you a rush of adrenalin.
          I love personal development and wrote a book about my journey.
          My greatest love in love is my daughter and anything she does. she is most beloved.
          I have travelled to many countries and plan to visit many more, and one of my goals is to visit 100 islands around the world and as many castles as I can conceivable manage.
          My dad and I plan to either walk or cycle the Camino route in September this year. he is a keen cyclist and has competed in many events and races around the world, as well as followed the Tour DeFrance.

        • reading, cycling, walking, photography, writing, blogging, twittering :), knitting, and more reading

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