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Member Name Saraha
Gender Female
Location between candyland and lalaland, i cant decide
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    • Well, as my name shows I have my own view ono things. But is that really a bad thing? I just think a lot and think of how things could really happen! i like being by my-self. I really love writing and hope that i can get a lot of help here. well, enough about my brain let's get into me!
      I like to be outside and be out in the open wind riding my horses, or taking the dogs for a walk, which can get very difficult because i have seven dogs! LOL! I am an aniamal lover though and treat everyone of them as if they were a human! You could say that i spoil them but, why not they're just as special as any human!
      I am also in love with music! Any kind really, i'm not that picky, but if i had to pick my Fav, i would say Alternative Rock! MY favorite band...Huh? Thats hard i like a lot! I also play, the trumpet and practice as hard as i can! When it comes to my trumpet there is no room for error! I have to be the best. Perfectionist much...Huh? Yeah i am! So, i practice hours on end! Practice makes perfect!XD!!!!!
      I love reading! What do you ask? Well, anything that catches my attention, i once read a book on feet and it wasn't the foot book, "left foot, left foot, left foot, right"! LOL! But no i would read anything that's good, so i will probably read any of your stories if you want me too! My favorite books will be located in the hobbies section if you care!
      i love to be social to, so if you want me to add you i probably will, because i love people! So, as i have said before i am hoping to expand my creativeness on my stories and hope to get outside of the box! I think that covers me, if there is anything else i want to say about me i'll change it, but for now i think that is it!
      Thanks for reading,
      P.S. Okay well i would like to apologize to my readers that i haven't updated my list story or wrote the third chapter yet. I am having some rough times and would like to thank all of you have read my story and commented, but will hopefully continue writing for you.

        • Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, The Host: Stephenie Meyer
          Vampire Aadamy: Richelle Mead
          Sliver Kiss:Annette Curtise Kluase
          Before I Die:Jenny Downham
          Crique Du Freak, Demonata: Darren Shan
          Vampire Kisses # 1, 2, 3, 4: Ellen Schreiber
          Twisted: Jeffory Deaver
          Things Hoped For:Andrew Clements

        • Movies:
          Bubble Boy
          P.S I Love You
          Mulan Rouge
          The Bee Movie
          Augest Rush
          Meet The Spartians
          And many more i can't think of right now!

        • Music/Artist:
          Kristy Lee Cook
          David Cook
          David Archaleta
          Red Jumpsuit Apperatuse
          Boyz Like Girlz
          All American Rejects
          Taylor Swift
          Fall Out boy
          Avenged Sevenfold
          Blink 182
          And like earlier more i can't think of right now!

        • TV Shows:
          Secert Life Of The American Teenager
          How Its Made
          Music Videos
          Parental Control
          Anything Disney!
          I dont watch much Tv, Sorry!

        • ~None~

      Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
      on 1/24/2009 12:46:16 AM
      HI SARAHA!!!

writing my_world_is_not_normal
What's What? Why do people say that things always happen for a reason? What if they just happen? When to people you love make you pick sides nothing matters anymore.
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