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Member Name Theresa Whitworth
Date of Birth 04/25/1968
Gender Female
Location united kingdom
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    • I am mum to a gaggle of kids, some grown, some still growing, they are my greatest creation.

      Mostly I write poetry, why? simply because I love it. Am I any good? I have no idea, but I believe poetry is a means of self expression, so if I am expressing, it is successful. I also believe poetry belongs to the masses, and not just those blessed with a great education. So I would never belittle or patronize in my commentary.

      Almost everything I write is pulled from the bowels of my own soul, or constructed around the fabric of my own life experiences. I am still experimenting with styles. Someday I hope to write a novel, I have three half finished, but in reality I fear my attention span is too short, which is probably another reason why I love poetry so much.

      My biggest passion is childrens literature....if we arm our children with words, they will have no use for weapons. A great deal of my work is aimed at the very young, someday I hope to publish, but for now, I am still learning the craft.

      I am here to read as much as I can, and hopefully get some feed back on my own work, and perhaps to make a few like minded friends along the way

      Im not too good at these little personal blurbs...I have never been fond of blowing my own trumpet, so if you have questions, come say hi, and ask away.I look foreward to meeting you

        • I have ten kids, and so, I have little time for reading, unless its a board book,
          My current favourite adult book, is Piece of cake by Cupcake Brown the way the author plasters tragedy over with humor and personal strength is awe inspiring.

          Im not a huge horror fan, but once I read Pet Cemetary, initially through boredome, and had to concede...King is an amazing author.The way he made the reader fall in love with gague, and even at the penultimate moment, let us believe it was infact a bad dream, was sheer brilliance.

          As I said...kid's literature is my passion, I believe words are the finest gift we can offer to our kids, among my favourites are Eric Carle, Shirly Hughes, Mick Inkpen, Jill Murphy, Julia Donolson, and I could go on...and on....and on

        • Not a huge movie fan...I am strictly a disney girl...runs along side the twelve kids.....but I do love You Got Mail, Sleepless In Seattle and all Christmas movies

        • I love music...I have lists for playlists

          My all time favourite is the master...Billy Joel. I also love, REM The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Robbie Williams, Pulp, and I could go on.....and on....and on

        • Sorry....ten kids equals...yes you got it...the Disney Channel, truthfully when not being mummy I would rather write, although Im always on the lookout for a good doccumentary.

        • Jill Murphy (The large Family, worst witch)

          Eric Carle (Hungry Catterpillar, Very Busy Spider)

          Shirly Hughes (Alphie and Annie Rose, Dogger, )

          Mick Inkpen (Kipper, Threadbear, Nothing)

          Nick Allen (Queens Knickers)

          And yes...I could go on...and on...and on...

        • Published Poets would include
          Simon Armitage
          Seamus Heaney
          E E Cummings

        • no never

        • Allpoetry

        • My sister Heather, saviour, soulmate, giver of sanctuary
          My kids...they saved me from self destruction, and made me all I am today

        • In the end, love will be the only currency....Teddy Marvelle

        • I like rainbows, sprinkles, and rainy days.

          My muse is about six inches high, furry , and answers to the name of Henry.He likes to eat Poppin Candy and rainbow sprinkles.

          Currently he is a.w.o.l. If you find him, please tell him I miss him, and ask him to come home.

        • writing....writing...writing.....

        • Sorry...Im just a wannabe

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writing moonsail
Words fizz on my tongue, like poppin candy
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