spirit   spirit wrote
on 6/4/2008 11:54:43 PM
please if you can help me, my books are not selling, reflections at amazon.com. life and relationships, family, friends, and lovers at lulu.com. id#396842 by sophia brownie much love and thanks.

spirit   spirit wrote
on 5/26/2008 12:50:05 PM
hello everyone my new book of poems is life and relationships, family, friends, and lovers at lulu.com 132 pages, id#396842 by sophia brownie. my first book of poems is reflections is at amazon.com, waldenbooks.com, borders.com, abebook.com, booksurge.com. my books are about god, love, life, sexuality, rape, love poems, x girlfriends, my son, my family, ghetto life, my thoughts on different things in life that that made me happy are unhappy are confused. please you can check out my interview on blogtalkradio.com by sophia brownie, thank you all very much.

Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 4/16/2008 2:00:00 PM
I saw where you asked about posting your work here, and though I don't work here I wondered if you got that help because I see nothing posted. If you still want help, please let me know and I will try.

writing spirit
what must i do when all i want is you, how do i keep from not crying over you, we are not together but i love and hate you, how can i love you and hate you at the same time. lord tell me what to do with my feelings should i put them out of my mind and you would let them leave my heart, speak to me lord, i dont want to hate the one i use to love.
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