Meghan123   Meghan123 wrote
on 5/20/2016 2:24:05 PM
Thanks for giving such opportunity to people to express themslves and say what they think. I think it's really good

Gold_Debby96   Gold_Debby96 wrote
on 2/6/2016 9:56:44 AM
Hello. It so nice to meet people who can help me in my write ups. I will appreciate any constructive criticism from you.. Cheers.

moonjiver   moonjiver wrote
on 11/12/2015 9:11:45 AM
Hello Lindsay and thanks for the nice welcome. My "About me" says it all I hope! I have a lot do exploring this very attractive-looking site and laying out some examples of my work. All looks good so far!

Silverwings35   Silverwings35 wrote
on 9/6/2015 5:28:16 PM
My first story is up. Please read and let me know.

Silverwings35   Silverwings35 wrote
on 8/29/2015 10:19:39 AM
Thank you for letting me join. I have always looked for a place that could help up and coming writers.

quidditch21   quidditch21 wrote
on 5/16/2015 3:29:01 PM
Just joined, and I just started to write. would it be alright if i post each new chapter of my novel on here and have people critique it?

AllieAdorable   AllieAdorable wrote
on 3/2/2014 12:42:50 AM
hi.. how can i post my poems??

thalastbadguy   thalastbadguy wrote
on 2/9/2014 12:51:31 AM
hi can you tell me a couple things about the site that you think stand out or would be of interest to a crime fiction/literature writer? just throwing out a line to see what comes back, but I do have hi hopes for this site since I have no peers in my compelling and favorite art and form of expression, writing. looking forward to meeting people with similar interest and finding out why I don't like them either, haha. jk'n Tony Rivers, Seattle/Everett Wa.

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