kt6550   kt6550 wrote
on 3/6/2009 6:04:21 AM
Well, I am a semi-old guy. 56, in fact. I served in Viet Nam, and put myself through college, and am the worst writer in the world. I am a dessicated.....errrrr....desecrated.........errrr dedicated bachelor. Maybe all three! Your writings display a powerful passion and a strong connection to spriituality. My comment on the one writing was not met to offend, but only to point out what I feel is a very degraded state of Christianity in America. And being from Waco, Texas, you may have been young when it happened, but you saw the damage Mr. Koresh did with his Branch Davidian group. Whether one believe that Jesus rose from the dead or not is not really important, I think. What I think is that he showed people a marvelous way to live. A way that would enable people to deal with all sorts of problems in their lives with dignity and grace, and to be happy. He also showed that there was a need for a contact with God. It was required. Well, that is just one crazy man's opinion. If I offended you, I did not mean to hurt. Go forth in peace and be excellent!

exquisite_still   exquisite_still wrote
on 2/18/2009 1:07:41 PM
Thank you very much...I just read a few of your postings and you are definitely talented! Keep up the good work!

SapphireCat   SapphireCat wrote
on 2/18/2009 6:49:04 AM
Hi Minnisha, I read several of your postings this morning, and they really encouraged me. I love hearing from other Christian writers. Thanks for sharing :)

writing exquisite_still
I have had days filled with laughter, some flooded in tears, but I have continued to praise God through it all,and yet I am here...
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