actquest   actquest wrote
on 4/1/2011 9:19:43 AM
Yesterday, it was storming here in Tampa. I was writing again. The words flowing and the power went out and none of it was saved. Ugh!!! I so hate it when that happens. I'm back today. Let's see what comes out.

actquest   actquest wrote
on 1/26/2011 10:13:21 AM
Hi everyone, I so appreciate all the words of encouragement. I am starting to enjoy expressing the wide variety of emotions I've kept bottled up for so many years. It's very cathartic. I'm also finding that reading the different works inspire and encourage me to keep going. I am loving having a safe forum to create in. I'd like to hear about your challenges in life, and in writing. What fires your imagination? What gets your goat? What inspires you on those days you so don't want to write a thing? Live, Laugh and Be Well. Berni

on 1/21/2011 4:55:28 PM
I believe that to be a writer, is to expose things that we have hard time speaking out with physical sound of voice, not only to speak out what we have already know, which is a part of it. Yes, sometimes our pen could be more destructive than nuclear weapon, but that is also the beauty of our pen, fighting with what you can offer as a human being. If you are writing from you, your writing will reveal you sooner or later. I acknowledge that we can decide what to with comments others left on your writings, either keep it or erase it, but how can you tell the comment was maliciously distorted if it's erase before being read by third party to? In other words, there are some people who are distorting comments after erasing it. My advise here is BE PREPARE, NOT TO BE WORRIED. I have been mocked in many different ways, in daylight and in shades, but I'm learning, growning, and discovering, and WR is one of the best things ever happened to me in my life so far. I'll be here to support a person like you unless my computer is cashing, or my light being cut off. REMEMBER, it doesn't matter how you look and what your name is. HERE WHAT YOU WRITE REALLY MATTERS!---SUKIE

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 1/21/2011 5:10:35 AM
Hey Actquest, You're off to a good start. Slince writing is scary to you, this type place allows you to remain anonymous if you choose. Personally, it doesn't intimidate me to write whatever I want, but my circumstances are likely very different from yours. So I write under my actual name and if anybody doesn't like what I say, it's no great concern. Of course, as Timmycap pointed out recently, words have power to hurt. Only three times has somebody posted a comment that really annoyed me because it was unfair or distorted what I actually said. Each time I simply delted the writing to eliminate the stupid comment and then reposted. So far, nobody has had the nerve to repeat the offensive comment. Most sites have TOS (terms of service) and it is possible to report someone who violates them. It can result in suspension of the offender's account. Such an action would likely be extremely rare. So go ahead and write freely, but conceal personal information since employers do sometimes check online postings in making employment and a promotion decisions. Old people like me who are retired don't have to be concerned about that. I do have to make sure not to libel anyone. Public figures are "fair game" for most comment as long as it isn't knowingly false, but private individuals have an expectation of privacy that should be respected. Say what you will about the President as long as it is truthful, but watch what you say about a former boyfriend! Best wishes, Elton

actquest   actquest wrote
on 1/20/2011 12:37:28 PM
I'm a very positive person or have learned to be. Exploring the pain of past experiences challenges the masks of my psyche. I'm writing with a huge heavy ball in my gut. This is scary, scary, scary!!! Talking is more attractive to me with no record to hurt others. I'm exorcising. It's an exercise in discipline and courage. Good thing, I have plenty of both.

actquest   actquest wrote
on 1/18/2011 5:12:03 AM
I find the process of writing intimidating. I love reading love stories, the romantic in me hopes with every happy ending. I began with Harlequin Romances, graduated to historical romances and now read futuristic, paranormal, and adventure. I love the possibilities of futuristic and science fiction. I admire the authors that create languages, mores, and themes that bring people together. Paranormal stories fire my imagination and my belief in something bigger than myself. I have lived everyday and I have live adventure. There attractive features to both ways of living. I have the hardest time revealing details of me. I'm hoping to work that out. How do you have the courage to just put pieces of you out there?

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Writing about living my life out loud. I want to write a series of essays on my experiences.
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