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Member Name Kelley Hynds
Gender Female
Location Cleveland, OH
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    • I am a Digital Media Instructor at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design. I teach BDM100 Overview, BDM110 Concept Development and DM250 Digital Media Projects.

      In addition to teaching, I also own and operate a production company in NE Ohio called Hyndsight Productions. We focus primarily on Documentaries and social issue pieces, but we believe telling compelling, emotional stories are the key to any great film!

      Erica   Erica wrote
      on 10/13/2009 4:06:31 PM
      I will be using 3D Animation for my Capstone Digital Media project, because I think it will be the best technique to take my creative imagination that was drawn on paper to make that imagination become a reality of 3D motion. I came up with a cartoon animation idea of different types of monkeys working in a factory called Javens Container. These monkeys will each have their own personal attitudes, but there is a girl monkey that turns into a human at nighttime. She turns into human to save the monkeys from the evil Super strength tigers. I want to use Autodesk Maya, because many computers animated films like Monsters vs. Aliens, Ice Age Movies, and Toy Story use Autodesk Maya. I have never used Autodesk Maya before, but it looks and like fun for just reading it, because Maya has the right effects I need for creating all the animation effects like Realistic water, smoke and fire affects that are a built in program easy for me With Maya I can make the monkeys look like their surrounded by rain drops with Windy vortexes of tornados all around, or being stuck in a boat in the middle of a stream or river that becomes the edge of a waterfall. The tools that I will be using built in default effects such as Maya Fur and Maya Hair. These are the main tools I will be using for the animal fur and human hair to make it look realistic. Autodesk Maya also has effects called Maya Fluid effects, Maya Live, Maya Classic Cloth and Maya nParticle. I can’t wait to create and express emotions of reality by just clicking on a mouse. Erica M. Stepic BDM110_Project#1_Stepic 3D Animation Autodesk Maya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

writing khynds
"The news today has been dumbed down and tarted up." - Current TV
"It's time to make civility interesting again."
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