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WritingRoom Author Kelli Stanley
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Location San Francisco, CA, USA
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    • Kelli Stanley is an award-winning author of crime fiction (novels and short stories). She makes her home in Dashiell Hammett’s San Francisco, a city she loves to write about. Kelli earned a Masters Degree in Classics, loves jazz, classic films, battered fedoras and speakeasies.

      Kelli's second novel is coming from Minotaur on February 2, 2010 ... CITY OF DRAGONS and a San Francisco you've never met.

      February, 1940. In San Francisco's Chinatown, fireworks explode as the city celebrates Chinese New Year with a Rice Bowl Party, a three day-and-night carnival designed to raise money and support for China war relief. Stuck in the crowd, Miranda Corbie, 33-year old private investigator, stumbles upon the fatally shot body of Eddie Takahashi. The Chamber of Commerce wants it covered up. The cops acquiesce. All Miranda wants is justice--whatever it costs.

      From Chinatown tenements, to a tattered tailor's shop in Little Osaka, to a high-class bordello draped in Southern Gothic, she shakes down the city--her city--seeking the truth.

      Next Valentine's Day, leave more than your heart in 1940 San Francisco.

      About CITY OF DRAGONS:

      “Beautifully imagined and beautifully written … does everything great fiction is supposed to.” Lee Child, New York Times bestselling author of GONE TOMORROW

      “A powerful crime novel … Stanley's dialogue bristles with attitude, the atmosphere is as thick as the bay fog, and her protagonist is a great new dame in crime fiction. A smart, stunning thriller.”
      Linda Fairstein, New York Times bestselling author of LETHAL LEGACY

      “Stunning, pitch-perfect noir. Stanley conjures forth a lost, poignant and darkly luminous San Francisco in which Hammett—and L.A.’s Chandler—would feel immediately at home.”
      Cornelia Read, Shamus Award winner and Edgar nominated author of A FIELD OF DARKNESS and THE CRAZY SCHOOL.

      “You’ll be asking yourself why reading CITY OF DRAGONS—a story as dark as black coffee—makes you feel so good.
      And it does. Take a sip. I dare you.”
      Louise Ure, Shamus-Award winning author of THE FAULT TREE and LIARS ANONYMOUS.

      Kelli's debut novel, NOX DORMIENDA (A Long Night for Sleeping) (Five Star; July, 2008), was a Writer’s Digest Notable Debut, won the Bruce Alexander Memorial Historical Mystery Award and is a Macavity Award finalist.

      NOX DORMIENDA marks the first of a new series and broke new genre ground as the first "Roman noir", a pun on its unique combination of Chandler-esqe hardboiled style and rich historical texture. The City and County of San Francisco awarded Kelli a Certificate of Honor for her creation of the new subgenre.

      Thorndike Press published a large print edition in October, 2008. NOX DORMIENDA is currently in its third printing. A mass-market paperback edition will soon be available in Italy and Greece.

      About NOX DORMIENDA:

      “From first page to finis, NOX DORMIENDA by Kelli Stanley is chock full of chills, thrills, and breath-taking adventure. Fueled by fascinating characters and rich details from Londinium in 83 A.D., this unforgettable tale brings the past eerily alive while leaving you hungering for the next book in what surely will be an exciting series. Stanley is a terrific writer.”
      Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of THE LAST SPYMASTER

      “What a series this is going to be! Imagine Ellis Peters re-written by Elmore Leonard and you'll have some notion of this gem of a novel—and it moves like a gladiator on speed.”
      Ken Bruen, Barry and Shamus Award-winning author of ONCE WERE COPS

      “In NOX DORMIENDA, Kelli Stanley has created a startling new genre of mystery: the Roman noir. Written in a fresh and uncompromising voice, here is a novel as evocative of ancient times as it is masterful in crafting a mystery as entangled and ingenious as any modern story.
      I look forward to vanishing again into the world she has created. Don't miss your chance to do the same.”
      James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of THE JUDAS STRAIN

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