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WritingRoom Expert Jennifer Norum
Date of Birth 12/07/1964
Gender Female
Location Iowa
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    • I have won short story contests and have written a column for a newspaper entitled Dazed. I am working on the last draft of both a novella and a crime novel, attempting to regroup short stories and preparing to sit through 5 million baseball games of my sons'. Which is good. They are older and can play really well and I love the hot sun and gravel wind. I have my MFA from Goddard College in Vermont .

    • MFA Writing, Goddard College, VT
      Journalism: Minnneapolis, Des Moines

      shakatoah   shakatoah wrote
      on 2/25/2009 8:10:05 PM
      Hi Jenni, and many thanks for your comments on 'Which Part of No'. Supposedly we live in an enlightened age but why is it that we have to justify 'not' using chemicals? Shouldn't it be the other way around? 'Oh...excuse me...would you mind if I contaminated your food supply with estrogen mimickers and potent carcinogens? Your husband's sperm count will possibly drop by 30% and you'll be at a much greater risk of breast and other cancers. As for your kids? Well...we're not sure...nobody's ever really done proper testing on about 70% of these chemicals. But still...would you MIND if I slathered it over your garden?' Can you imagine it? But we're treated like lunatics if we object. I'm with you a hundred percent, Jenni. It's an issue I'm passionate about. And I can see you are too. I'm sure you've already read Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring'...but if not, it's well worth the read. I'm off to check out your writing now. Again, thank you fellow organic grower.

writing jenni
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Tips From The Expert
Do not beat yourself over grammar. Grammar, in my opinion, is forgotten as soon as it is learned. It takes a quick bit of research; a book, a computer. In much the same way a mathematician uses his/her instruments to figure an equation.

Remember, it takes many drafts of a poem, a short story, a novel and screen play to realize amazingly the one that feels publishable. Although writing

It can be so frustrating and the flirtation to throw your creation out is only that;
– DO NOT DO IT! Many teachers will tell you to put your work aside and come back weeks later. I advise a few days at best.
Billing Information
I am open to discussion.

I am honest and I am interested in characters and continuity. Every author has their own voice, and I have no desire to change this.
Other Information
I am a mother of two sons who are taller than I, and very possibly smarter! We have two half-lab puppy siblings and a great cat who is terrified of them. My husband is from Des Moines and we moved back here for help from his parents when the boys were babies. Although we fought, we remained and happily realized the city has become bigger, better and artistic in so many wonderful ways.

Every four years Iowa is the best place to be - especially this past election - so many talented candidates with volunteers of all ages working non stop. I was a Hillary volunteer, delegate and worked with the Democratic Party.

I am also an Obama supporter. I am, as all artists and writers, thrilled with his grand economic support to the National Endowment for the Arts; an increased funding America hasn't seen in years. Our passion and hard work as writers is not going unappreciated.

Information about me: mother, fiction, nonfiction, editorials and political writer.