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WritingRoom Expert Shayne Holzman
-get used to it.
Date of Birth 07/16/1991
Gender Female
Location Santa Monica, CA
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    • Go where the page follows and don't turn back -Shayne Holzman

      The call of your heart is as strong as your writing-Shayne Holzman

      A writer never gives up-Shayne Holzman

      That is my little insight on writing.... Hope you enjoyed it!

      Yesterday was beautiful, I remember the sky. It had a blue and pink horizon, beaming right in front of my eyes. It was so bright I wore sunglasses to see through. That night at 9:00 I went walking in the distance to see if I could hear the crows. I liked crows. They waved their wings like no other, reclining speed and eating dirt off the side of the road. As I walked, I was very tempted to pick one up, but I knew the bird wouldn't like it. After my walk I came home at midnight, while it was raining. My shirt was soaked in wet soggy dripping water. A couple of times, I fell lightly, on two legs holding my hands down, trying not to have my nose touch the gravel. I fell because I tried to catch the little baby crow. He resembled a baby because he liked to caw slowly and it was hard for him to fly; his name was Raven.

      While waiting in the snow, I propped my chair up against the frozen sun and saw a girl out in the lake, walking, but shaking her legs firmly gripping trying not to fall. She walked slowly around the bend, wearing snow boots, easing her way closer to me. When she saw me, she put her left hand on my right side and wiped off the wet snow on my jacket. She had beautiful teardrop ear lobes and fit clothes on so she did not catch cold. The breeze on her cheeks didn’t seem to be the same after sharing the air with me. Her breath was raspy, cold, dark, hallow. I shook her firm hand, waiting as the snow dribbled off her hardened nose. It was below six degrees.

      That was a paragraph of an experimental story.

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