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Member Name Beth Paolini
Date of Birth 08/04/1954
Gender Female
Location Wilmington, New York USA
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    • As a young girl I always struggled with reading. In the 4th grade it was discovered I read books different than the rest of the world. My first book report did not make sense to the teacher. I spent the next three summers going to summer school to correct the problem, however back in the 1950's they did not know of dyslexia and the only correction was to teach me memorization skills so I could pass tests and advance in school. This made it easy to get good grades, but hard to get into college. Even though I had the grades I was still a female and came from a family without the economic means to pay for college so my choices were limited. I started writing poetry at the age of 16 and Mrs Stewart (my 12th grade English Teacher always encouraged me to write, she said I had a special way with words. Due to lack of help from the school guidance counselor I became one of the few option I was given a Licensed Practical Nurse. In my mid-twenties I started going to college. Wary of past experiences one of my assignments was to write a poem, I did so but the Professor said I had no talent again ripping away at my self esteem. It has taken my whole life to regain the self confidence to share my work again. Here are some of the things I have done:

      I was published in an Anthology of Poems by Eddie-Lou Cole. Title: "All Was Calm".

      I wrote a short Christmas story for my son many years ago, it was published by the local paper as a letter to the editor, because the theme involved the inclusion of both Santa and Christ I was told that for religious content it was the only way it could be published by them.

      One of the poems I wrote was published by local newspaper and picked up by a couple of other newspapers in conjunction with their articles being written about the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall. Title: "Fallen Soldier".

      One of the poems I wrote was put on CD to Baroque Music. Title: "War Child".

      I wrote a slice of life about growing up type vignette for my son when he was three years old, I hand lettered it and presented it to him on his 18th Birthday. Title: "As Buds Become Blossoms".

      My goal in life is to publish a book on poetry that I have written, as well as to write and publish either a novel or book of short stories.

        • Gone With the Wind
          anything Steinbeck, Hemingway, Dickens I am fond of the old that brought us all to the new
          Chuck Palahniuk
          Kim Harrison
          Brahm Stoker's Dracula
          Oliver Wendell Holmes
          Louisa May Alcott
          Henry David Thoreau
          AA Milne
          Jane Austin
          Robert Browning
          Elizabeth Barret Browning

          My husband says I like the darker stories in life and he is right BUT I also enjoy a good myth-fantasy for all ages as well

        • Memento
          Fight Club
          Brahm Stoker's Dracula
          Underworld 1 & 2
          Painted Veil
          Gone With The Wind

        • Crown of Thorns (you can find them on myspace)
          Neil Diamond
          Johnny Cash
          Carole King
          Classical all kinds
          BB King
          Jazz all kinds
          Natural Sounds with Music combined

        • This is hard I did not have TV exposure until age 10 and since then have had very limited exposure. Now with DVT transition we have no TV reception and are limited to

        • Robert Browning
          Elizabeth Barrett Browning
          Dylan Thomas

        • my Son
          my Mom & Dad
          My Husband
          My friend Paige

        • writing
          web work

      James_Bradley_Clarke   James_Bradley_Clarke wrote
      on 5/19/2009 11:31:08 AM
      Hi Beth, Your Christmas story sounds facinating. You should read my fairy tale. I think you would be interested in it. Jim

writing inkspot
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