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Member Name zachary jackson
Date of Birth 03/24/1988
Gender Male
Location The Kingdom...
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    • To all of whom it might Inspire:

      I've decided to try and collaborate the story of life... Expressing message of what I have observed along this path everybody is always talking about, within my poetry and writings. Thus far the number one thing that I have learned is that we must first believe that as a human race we can pull it together and work on our collaboration in regards to our ways of living and religious belief systems. All of which were allowed to enter our mind for us to learn from and evolve to discover new ways of thinking about life and the realities of what's at work here. It's not about any one religion anymore I believe it is time for universal collaboration.

      I believe there are much greater forces in disguise among us then we are led to believe... Has that knowledge been reveled at this point, Am I not allowed to wander round and think this way? Just some left over thoughts that cross ones mind while on this journey. What I've scribed here thus far is my contribution to the world... I have learned to appreciate everything in this life for what it is and be grateful for the opportunity to exist here in this reality. One might take a look in the mirror from time to time and try to figure out who it is they really are and want to be, go seek that him or her out and be that individual to the fullest of our ability. One might be surprised what they will accomplish... One must believe!

      One might try to stay in tune with our higher selves or what I imagine to believe to be our subliminal soldiers. Fighting the battles of life that make up the subliminal war that is and always has been fought amongst all of us on the battle fields of the kingdom!

      GeyeJedi   GeyeJedi wrote
      on 8/24/2011 2:14:34 AM
      This is my attempt at reaching for the stars...

writing GeyeJedi
Peace Begins Within One Universal Love...
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