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Member Name joshua nelson
Date of Birth 08/25/1979
Gender Male
Location ohio
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        • i read everything.

          (at some point there shall be a list), all palahnuik books, bret easton ellis, 1984, the bible, communist manifesto, band of brothers, mein kampf,

          Shall be a better list at some point

        • i like alot of stuff. too many to say 2001 space odyssey, 40 year old virgin, fountain, army of darkness, barry lyndon, big lebowski, brazil, castle in the sky, chasing amy, dead man, die nibelungen, do the right thing, dr strangelove, donnie darko, dream a little dream, ed wood, fear and loathing in las vegas, fight club, fletch, full metal jacket, ghost dog, grandmas boy, great gatsby, half nelson, hidden fortress, hitch, hot fuzz, howls moving castle, i robot, idiocracy, jacket, jay and silent bob strike back, jeremiah johnson, jih-roh, joe versus volcano, johnny english, king arthur, last temptation of christ, lolita, mallrats, matewan, matrix movies, memento, millions, nacho libre, naked lunch, national treasure, natural born killers, nausicaa, nightmare before christmas, notebook, office space, passion of christ, paths of glory, princess mononoke, pump up the volume, punch drunk love, rashoman, requiem for a dream, robin hood (disney), robocop, royal tenenbaums, rundown, rushmore, sanjuro, scarface, seven, seven samurai, shaun of the dead, the shining, sin city, snow white, solaris, spartacus, spirited away, star gate, steamboy, stranger than paradise, stray dog, super troopers, talladega nights, tao of steve, thin red line, throne of blood, time bandits, time machine (old), timeline, tombstone, trainspotting, tristan and isolde, true romance, truman show, unitedstates of leland, v for vendetta, waiting, waking the dead, white chicks, willow, the wizard, wonder boys

        • beck, bonnie prince billy, cake, johnny cash, bob dylan, hank williams sr., mos def, iron and wine, josh ritter, matisyahu, bill withers, soul coughing, tool, radio head, elvis presley, sam cooke, jack johnson, gnarls barkley, gorillaz, outkast, ccr, bob marley, fionna apple, marvin gaye, doors, david gray, counting crows, moi le voisin, sage francis, okkervil river, al green, she and him, otis redding, the doors, leonard cohen. (many many more)

        • documentary
          my name is earl
          history channel stuff
          war at home
          family guy
          no reservations
          burn notice
          wonder years
          big bang theory

        • age of bronze, air, all star batman and robin, all star superman, batman, captain america, daredevil, house of mystery, most x-men titles, atomic robo, secret invasion, walking dead, invincible, bone, girls, sword, punisher war journal, amazing spider man, fables, testament, kick ass, madame xanadu, i kill giants, (many many many more)

        • william blake

        • "first lisa berlini, then winnie cooper, now my own flesh and blood, woman were proving to be the bane of my existence." kevin arnold

          "the future is not questionable., for me it is a path of light. Lit by those who enrich my life."
          -johnny cash

          "whenever i see a jerk, i'll think of you"

          "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
          edmund burke (1729-97 )

          "the best thing about science is that it keeps fools from
          discovering the truth, or realizing they have the
          truth already"

          "there seems to be some unwritten law that if there
          are five ways you can do something, the way you
          least want to go is always the way you end up going"

          "five thousand failed relationships can make a man a little cynical, you know..."

        • movies, s, music, reading, writing, outside stuff, playing in the rain, turning girls into lesbians, playing with my neice and nephew

          everything and anything

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writing georgiasam
Full many a wonder is told us in stories old,
"of heroes worthy of praise, of hardships dire,
of joy and feasting, of weeping and of wailing;
of the fighting of bold warriors, now ye may hear wonders told"
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