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"Writing is so difficult that I feel that writers, having had their hell on earth, will escape all punishment hereafter." Jessamyn West

Mid-Wales based poet, member of 'The Word Distillery', a group of poets centred in Aberystwyth.

I have been trying to write poetry for over thirty years now, and occasionally, through the workings of blind chance as much as anything, come up with something almost readable.

My preferred topics are Nature (often personified as a Goddess) and reverence therefor, and the non-linear nature of reality.

In mundane life I am a safety engineering consultant,which is dull as ditchwater but gives me the opportunity to see parts of the world I might otherwise never have thought of. In the last couple of years this has included Azerbaijan, Georgia, Central Turkey and South Korea.
Professional, award winning writer with over 12 years experience writing and editing in various genres and industries.
Writing Coach, Proofreader, Copy Writer, Copy Editor, Content Editor
I love teaching! Introducing students to the wonders of the literature is special! And I'm good at it! My fondest memory is teaching a group of sargent want-a-be's at NOVA University (Sunrise, Florida) to enjoy poetry ( "Oh, Captain, my Captain..." and classical literature (To be or not to be...). Relevance - that's what it's all about. Imagine - one of my cops bought his wife a book of peotry for her birthday!

Among the other places I have taught are John Carroll University (Cleveland, Ohio), sundry schools on Long Island, New York and Cleveland Heights-University Heights schools. The world of literature is as old as time and as miraculous as the wonders of space and the fastest computer. Exposing students (and anyone else that will listen) to the mysteries and power of the written word feeds my spirit.

I love to read all types of books BUT my most favorite is the THRILLER. I am pleased to have this opportunity in finding the next Jon Land, James Patterson, Sandra Brown, Christopher Rice, or even J.D. Robb etc. I am looking forward to reading YOUR words.

Good Luck to all of you!
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