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Member Name Khadija
Gender Female
Location Chicago
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    • you read my name is Khadija...and please don't think I'm snobby when I say that no one says my name right. They pronounce it as if it were some ghetto concoction made by a mother and father that wanted to make their baby unique. No. My father was Muslim and decided to name me Khadija after the founder of Islam, Muhammed's first, beautiful, intelligent, and most loved wife.

      And so that pretty much explains me. No JUST KIDDING! I'm really just a fun loving seventeen year old girl who just graduated and is excited to enter the new and weird science of being a grown-up. Just to try it out, though. I'm going to the University of Southern Arkansas in the fall (SAU!!) with the goal of getting my bachelors and eventually phD in English.

      So...thats pretty much everything somebody really needs to know about me on here...besides the fact that my life revolves around writing and always has. Since I learned how to write when I was three I have been spinning stories (mostly dramas) about very real characters in awkward situations. I have always been a strong believer in the theory that a book should slowly reveal the mentality and psychology of its characters. If I havent told enough about myself my writing should shine a light on everything else.

      - Khadija

        • Top 5

          1. Born confused - Tanuja Desai Hidier
          2. Lolita- Vladimir Nabokov
          3. Take your pick of a Harry Potter book (he he he i'm a nerd!)
          4. The Coldest Winter Ever - Sister Soulja
          5. Sabriel (and Lirael)- Garth Nix

          poet...Nikki Giovanni

        • Honestly...I have no idea who most of the screen writers of these movies are

          Top 5 and why

          1. Cruel Intentions - because its friggin awesome and the song at the end is my fav!!!
          2.Camp- I was in the magnet program at my highschool and it reminded me of all my years there with all my friends
          3.Welcome to the Dollhouse- It was so dark and kept me infatuated
          4.Bring it On- Only because it was the first non-Disney movie my mom let me see
          5.Death Proof/ and the Kill Bill movies - who doesnt?

        • I love any type of music. I'm very eclectic. My mother says I have a unique talent of knowing what is going to be a hit song and detecting genuinely good musik..

          genres i really love: neo soul, r&b, alternative, funk, rap/funk
          artists...Outkast, Pharelle(N.E.R.D.), Trey Songz, Dido, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Savage Garden, Aerosmith, everyone loves Beyonce (sometimes), and Coldplay

          songs...Bittersweet Symphony-The Verve, Fix You- Coldplay, Imagine Me-Kirk Franklin, Roses-Kanye West, Truly,Madly, Deeply-Savage Garden, Come Together-Aerosmith, Thankyou-Dido, Runnin- Pharcyde

        • I'll be honest...anything reality my fav being Real World (some seasons), a little known show called Degrassi, The Hills, and Family Guy!!! Ya gotta luv Stewie

        • Can't say that I've read any comics lately...except for attempting to read manga in class when I'm bored.

        • Nikki Giovanni! Me!

        • Hmmm...thats a good question. I really dont like any newspapers. Now blogs...blogs I will do. You know what; Newsweek is a pretty good paper to read if you really want to see some borderline impossible shit. And I guess I'm a fan of the star newspapers because I am still eighteen and i don't mind looking at Antonio Banderas's hot bod and Justin T. and all the hollywood hotties. Yeah... I'm still a kid.

        • ( I used to post stories there under the name of hunydipped)

 (it is the author, Zane's website)
 (I'm always using proxies to get past the blocks on my schools computers)
 (cause i'm a weirdo)
 (wink, wink)

        • Lorena Bobbit...just kidding

          my ex best friend Jasmine...she's gone through so much and has remained so strong
          my sister...she's the best munipulator I've ever seen in action. This just adds to her many social talents. I admire her greatly because of her non chalant attitude about what others think about her and her actions. Though, i've just learned recently that she can be clinically diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder aka she's a sociopath.

        • "Being both wise and youthful is a contradictory statement..."

          "I don't want nothin old but a dollar bill, and soon as the bank open I'm turning that in too.."

          "Shoot for the moon, even if you don't make it, you'll land among the stars..."

          my mantra: "One tear in a bucket, fuck it."

          and my latest..." friends are God's apology for family."

        • Thing I love...
          Men! I love hot, sweaty men! Whether they be chocolate skinned brothas or chiseled featured Germans...I love me some men!

          Thing I hate...
          When people screw up their faces because they think a black girl with a name like Khadija should be rude and ghetto with an attitude and a nasty hip switch

        • I'm a vocalist (not just a singer), an artist (i sketch), a writer (duh), a cheerleader, a poet, and master the art of leisure...

        • Telemarketing Sales Rep employed by Americall

          Teachers Aid- In Highschool

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writing dsr
One tear in a bucket, fuck it.
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