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Member Name Rebekah
Gender Female
Location my bedroom
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    • Boo! I'm Rebekah and I am a freshman in high school who writes poetry in her spare time. I mostly write it as a way of dealing with a lot of emotions, but sometimes a line jumps into my head that marvels me and I have to write a poem around it. I also write some fanfiction, which, I know, is usually made out to be annoying fans writing about their obsessions. But, it's a lot of fun and I recommend trying it. Especially when you're bored on a Memorial Day Monday and feel like making fun of Harry Potter.

      What else about me? I'm home schooled, I believe in God, I am obsessed with CSI:NY at the moment and am telling everybody that. Danny Messer = Love. I really like the theatre but haven't been in a show for about a year. Things get tough sometimes and you have to give up your passions. Except for writing. That will always be there as long as you have a pen and paper. Also, dancing will always be there if you have a CD player and a bedroom to go wild in. I am the most nonrhythmic (is that the right word?) you will ever meet. Oh Lord. I have a perfect pointe though! *grins*

      Okay..Enough about me. Goodbye. I didn't mean to ramble for so long. Talk to you later..


        • Bible, Twilight Series, PS I Love You, Replica Series, Peter Pan, Running Out of Time, A Walk to Remember, Ella Enchanted, and...I can't see what else is on my bookshelf.

        • Batman: The Dark Knight, Taken, Star Wars, The Goonies, Twilight, A Few Good Men, The Terminator, Titanic, The Fifth Element, Harry Potter, Across the Universe, Pride and Prejudice (1995 and 2005), Help!, Indiana Jones, Eagle Eye, and Serenity

        • Switchfoot, Jason Mraz, Ceesau, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Snow Patrol, Jack's Mannequin, and Robert Pattinson

        • CSI:NY, The Office, Pushing Daisies, Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, 24, Bones, NCIS, Friends, Seinfeld, and South Park

        • Peanuts

        • Sayde and Rhiannon

        • Youtube!!!! myYearbook, FanFiction, and Fictionpress are all great too :)

        • Jesus Christ, Laurel, Sayde, Kyle, Hannah, those parents of mine, Kevin, George Lucas (I mean, come on...where would we be without the DeathStar and the Millennium Falcon and Darth Vader???) and, of course, the characters of Peanuts. I love them all. Even Lucy.

        • "Judging is for God and assholes. Are you God?" ~Anonymous

          "Science can only go so far, and then God has to come in." ~The Notebook

          "I treated him, God cured him." ~Ambroise Peirre

          "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things with thou knowest not." ~Jeremiah 33:3

          "It's like you're involving me in crime, and I let you. Why do I let you?" ~Ratatouille

          "The future is just a present interruption to the past." ~My Konstantine

          "We are each of us angels with only one wing, and the only way to fly is by embracing one another." ~Luciano de Crescenzo

          "Where there is love, there is life." ~Mahatma Ghandi

          "If I were an actor, I wouldn't like myself as a director. If I were a director, I wouldn't like myself as an actor." ~Robert Redford

          "If you haven't got all the things you want, be grateful for the things you don't have that you don't want." ~Unknown

          "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final say in reality." ~Martin Luther King Jr

          "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars." ~Les Brown

          "Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." ~William Jennings Bryan

          "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it but because I see everything by it." ~C.S. Lewis

          "All the world's a stage
          And all the men and
          women merely players.
          They have their exits and their
          And one man in his time
          plays many parts." ~As You Like It by William Shakespeare

        • Pizza and I are soul mates. The end.

        • Theatre, dancing, and of course, writing.

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When you find something you love, it's not about how good you are at it, it's about how much you enjoy it
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