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Member Name Denine Blas
Date of Birth 06/20/1961
Gender Female
Location Vancouver Washington
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    • I am 51 years old, a single mother to three girls. One is 22 in college and trying to find out what she is good at in college. She has changed her major oh I don't know 5 times? The other is 21, she is in school studying to be a nurse, engaged to a married man who swears he is getting divorced. I find it ironic that he is going from one marriage to another marriage right out of the frying pan. Have I talked to her about this? Oh yeah. Does she listen, hell no, she doesn't want to hear the truth. Will the marriage last? NO if something is built on lies it will not last. Then I have a 12 year old who is finding her path, who she is, and she is having a heck of a time. I sometimes feel that she is the newest car out on the road. She is the Fiat and I am the Ford F350 ready to plow her off the road when she does anything wrong or attempts to search down the dark road of wondering what may be down there.

      I have always been told so many times that I should be a writer. I have written countless things but never had the nerve or the guts to do anything about them. I have been approached by countless publishing companies that want anywhere from $599 - $1200 dollars to publish my book. Well all you guys and dolls out there in the writing world, if I had $20.00 to my name I would wet my pants!!

        • One of my favorite movies of all times is Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock. I often wonder if there was someone following my life when they made that movie because it describes me to a detail. But at the end of the movie she finds her dream boat and lives supposedly happily ever after if that is how you want to perseive the movie? Yet, I have still not found my dream boat. It let's me know that there is still hope out there for finding love.

        • Adele, she is my favorite singer. She took all her pain and heartache and turned it into the best music I have ever heard. Can you image what it would be like to take all your pain and your heartache and expose yourself for the world to see you so vulnerable and so open for the world to see you? It is just crazy how we as human beings allow ourselves to fall in love so deeply and so emotionally.

        • HGTV why HGTV? Because I still dream of some day becoming that amazing author and real estate broker and having it published. I would love to be walking through Costco or Barnes and Knobles and seeing my book on the shelf!! I would love to someday become that real estate broker that is selling homes and living the life I see for myself even at 51 to get off of government support, off of food stamps, stop cleaning homes, stop scrubbing someone elses toilet or picking up their laundry or being bossed around by dirty digusting people who think so little of me as a person.

        • My parents have been my heros, they have rescued me so many times and have done it with such a conviction of love and unselfishness. They are my heros. It inspries me each time I hang up with them on the phone or see them in person to work just harder to be like them.

      ddblas   ddblas wrote
      on 7/7/2012 7:16:15 AM
      I am the person who stands in the dark road with the smallest of flashlight trying to find my path through the darkness of the trees, the never ending darkness that controls me, blinds me, binds me to my fear.

writing ddblas
My tagline? I am a single mother trying to find her path, her light at the end of the dark tunnel
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