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Member Name Candice Moraga
Gender Female
Location Global Citizen
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    • I, Candice Ann Moraga, was born in West Germany to an American flautist and a Bolivian pilot. No big surprise that I fly sport aircraft and play the flute my mother passed down to me! My father also passed on his passion for skydiving, while the musical talents from my mother developed within me to include singing, piano, and guitar. When I was a small child, I wrote a book called "The Story of my Life" in which I drew myself singing, flying, and becoming a doctor. I won my first award for poetry while still in elementary school, when I first began singing and performing publicly. By Junior High, I was in a multitude of vocal & instrumental organizations and sacrificed ever having a lunch period in school again so that I could take a variety of private lessons in addition to completing advanced coursework beyond my grade-level. I recited my original poetry and sang as a State Finalist for New York in the Miss American Teen Pageant. In high school, I became involved in musical theater as well as drama and math competitions. I exhibited my poetry at a local college and won the Mount Holyoke Women in Science Award. I sang at various churches in the region every week and successfully participated in vocal competitions. By the time I decided to graduate early and go off to college, I had the highest GPA in my school. I was offered several scholarships, including a full five year scholarship. I took aviation while studying for my Bachelor's degree and also obtained extensive experience in skydiving while packing parachutes at a local drop zone. During this time, I continued to take vocal and piano lessons. After my first degree, I spent time producing financial conferences in New York City, which is where I published my first poem in a book of collected works. On Sept 11, 2000, I was on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center for a Big Ticket Equipment Leasing Conference I produced. After the attacks in Manhattan the following year, I decided to join my brother in the American Southwest where I went back to college and became a certified teacher, teaching on multiple Native American reservations. During this time, I was also a pin-up model for a custom motorcycle calendar and was featured on TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers. As you can imagine, my students tended to be more enthusiastic about my pursuits outside the classroom than fellow faculty. I hiked the Grand Canyon solo, floated on a hot air balloon, went cliff jumping and boating, camped out & fished, lived in the mountains and desert, and lived in at least 10 states before looking back to where I was raised. After decades of exploration, I was accepted into the New York Chiropractic College while concurrently continuing to release music under the stage name "Divalicious Candi™." I recorded HUNDREDS of songs and dozens of live videos of my performances which can be streamed via the Divalicious Candi Mobile App for Apple or Droid. I decided that it was time to release my inner thoughts that I had kept somewhat hidden under my stage persona during my years of exploration. I obtained a book deal to release my work on hardback, paperback, and ebook to an international audience. In it, you will find me addressing the elation and suffering resulting from at least a few engagements, a marriage/divorce, abusive and alcoholic men, friends I've made along the way, familial drama, encounters with both nature & the big city, and the spirit that refuses to be caged...
      A Spirit Breaking Free






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writing Candice_Ann_Moraga
Stream HUNDREDS OF SONGS and READ MY ORIGINAL LYRICS with the FREE Official Divalicious Candi Mobile App for Droid or Apple at
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