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rest a while - Thriller
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Mar 27, 2008 11:59 PM Introduction
LL started with:
I was resting my eyes when I didn't realized I have dozed off to sleep. When I had a strange feeling that I had someone standing near me. I woke up with a scare in my eyes. But what I didn't realized was that there was more to this what I mean is that I looked towards the window. Where I was at the living room having my rest. I saw a man stareing at me, but it was a face that was calling my name. Was it my brother trying to scare me or wait he is died.
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Mar 29, 2008 06:43 PM Entry #1
Bluez wrote:
I suddenly remembered that he had been dead for three years now, and maybe because in life we were very close, when he died we were able to establish a sort of link between us, though I suspect it was more my imagination than a real conversation between brothers. On this night though, it was the first time I had seen him this way, as he must have looked when he died, when he was so brutally taken away from us. At the time our only consolation was the fact that he hadn't suffered, it was quick and painless. But it was hard to get closure when we never got to say goodbye one last time, we never got to see his mangled body after the accident. It was a closed coffin and a solemn ceremony attended by many, including the bastard that took him away from us. Though many people came to offer condolences, I was numb and never heard a word. Now he was back again, to talk, to trade stories of life after death and to remind each other of what we once were. I wanted to pinch myself because I wasn't sure if I had actually dozed off or was still awake, but then I wasn't sure I really wanted to know the difference right at the moment. "Hello brother!" I said to him, trying to sound as cheerful as normal. "Hello little brother!" he smiled back to me and then stepped forward out of the darkness.
Mar 31, 2008 01:00 PM Entry #2
RLPrice wrote:
"Listen Sis I need your help, I didn't die that day in the car." "But how, why?" "Just listen to me will you, I saw my best friend kill someone that day he is into some bad stuff, the only reason that I am still alive is because he thinks he killed me in that car wreck, I set the car on fire so that they couldn't identify my body, Now I need your help in catching him, It will be dangerous, but are you up for the challenge?" "I will do anything to help you and you know that" "Okay so here's the plan...............
Mar 31, 2008 04:35 PM Entry #3
"We need to find him, and we need to find proof that he killed that guy. Last I saw him he was walking north on rt 60. He is too smart to get caught for this without our help." "This is crazy! We should go to the cops, tell them what happened." I could see she was scared. She was the girl who hid under her bed when the wind blew to hard. This was her worst nightmare. But she had no choice. Her bottom lip was quivering. I pulled her close to me. I must have smelled awful. A combination of gas, dust, dirt and body odor, but she didnt pull away. "It will be ok." I said to her, although I was unsure that it really would be.
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