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mist to mist - Crime
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Mar 29, 2008 03:12 AM Introduction
starfire23 started with:
The fog faded over the cool black water, I stared down to the ground. It was 4:30 Am and I was wide Awake. I promised to keep a dark secret, Should I? Twilight crossed in over the horizon. Mist filled the cold air.I started to run, I don't know exactly why.Then Gunshots came out of the blue. I screamed on the top of my lungs. This dark secret is about Death, murder, and silence. Now my best guyfriend was out to kill me. Ray lenx is out to get me for running away from him. "dawn! get back here!" Ray yelled behind me. I tripped and fell on my knees. "ha ha! now I got you!" He declared, picking me up by my sweatshirt. He dragged me by my hair to the lake again. pain shooting through me like a sky rocket. Ray grabbed my dark blue hair by the roots and arched them back. Ray pulled me down so close to the icy water, I could almost feel it dancing upon my warm skin. "look...look! see the dead bodies? I don't want yours out there too! But you leave me no choice Dawn worry!" Ray sobbed, calling me by my first name. fear stroke me dead in the heart. He pushed me down to one of the dead bodies. It was the body of my mother. Anger and sorrow filled me at once. A gun went off, but not his. He fell into the water dead, He pulled me down with. I screamed hopelessly. But it was to late, I sank into the darkness in the water. mist to mist, dust to dust, and murder to murder... I drowned that day, not to live another day. But i warn you, this is only the beginning.
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Mar 29, 2008 03:13 AM Entry #1
this is only one of my stories, wait till my next one I put on here!
Mar 29, 2008 10:20 PM Entry #2
Bluez wrote:
I began to feel a sense of calm, of peacfulness and tranquility. I don't know if it was the silence of the dark water or just because I had accepted the fact that I was drowning, but to tell the entire story, I guess I should first go back to the beginning, to where this all started, so long ago. So many crimes ago, so many bodies and broken lives. It started off innocently enough, we had met at the local hangout when we were just children, too young to know about the dark things in our future and yet we were just the right age to be corrputed by what we saw in the news, on television, in the streets we grew up in and the things our fathers talked about at the dinner table. I think it might have even started before that, maybe the first time I saw my father hit my mother and though I knew it was wrong, I didn't think it wsa that bad because she stayed with him for so long after that day. I found out that if you hit someone hard enough and cold-heartedly enough, they will do just about anything you asked of them, and even pretend to be happy that they were "allowed" to give you their lunch money, or the shirt off thier back. Especially if the first punch is on the nose, it draws a lot of blood and makes it hard to fight because they can't breath and lose energy with the effort, and seeing all that blood flwoing from them always scares the hell out of them, some think they are dying. The world was ours that day though. Ray had bumped into the last guy in the world he should have crossed, and though it was an accident, Ray knew that the guy didn't care two shits about any excuse he might have offered, and as if he knew what Ray was thinking, he challenged Ray to a fight on the spot. Now, this guy was much bigger than either of us, and had a bad reputation, and though no one could ever remember seeing him fight with anyone else, sometimes that was enough to get by on, and Ray and I had been talking about that very same thing just the day before. At the time I thought he was just blowing wind, that he didn't know what he was talking about and I wished there was a way to test his theory. Now we had that test but it wasn't what I had in mind at all. But to everyone's surprise, Ray stepped into the guy and then brought his fist hard into his face, just below the guy's right eye with a nasty roundhouse left, and then he brought the other one up and under his chin, ending the fight and proving his point, but also setting us on our path. Our crime spree began about a month later, and only took that long because we couldn't decide what to do next. Ray was now the big man on the block and I was his best friend, so I never had to lift a finger either, and yet I was feared just as much as if I had hit him too. It cost me too though, he had told me once we set off on this path that there wsa no looking back and no turning away either, it was me and him against the world, to our deaths if it came to that, it was our pact. I was scared and excited and should have run but I wasn't smart enough.
Mar 31, 2008 12:49 PM Entry #3
RLPrice wrote:
I went along for the ride mainly out of fear, it was either me or the world who had to die and I chose the world.
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